4. Mysophobia

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♡Chapter Dedicated to WyPark02

"I will find you here inside the dark.
I will break through no matter where you are.
I will find you." Ruelle

Detectives Sanders and Cartwright stopped outside Fever, the only nightclub that Redstone boasted

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Detectives Sanders and Cartwright stopped outside Fever, the only nightclub that Redstone boasted.

The name was emblazoned in red neon lights, turned on even though it was mid-morning, the letter 'V' flickered on and off, clearly needing its bulb changed. The brickwork was a dull, faded grey, that looked like it was ready to crumble and the wood around the doorway was splintered, almost falling apart.

Isaiah couldn't understand why teenagers would come here to have a good time, the place was a dump, literally. The putrid stench of stale vomit hung in the air, the pavement was littered with cigarette butts, glass bottles, and weirdly enough, one high heel.

"Who manages to lose one shoe?" Isaiah wondered out loud to his partner.

"Maybe someone who was forced to leave it behind?" Jon nodded at the forensics team to bag it up as evidence. Although the word team was a bit of a stretch, a more appropriate word would be 'pair', the only two people qualified in this small town.

"It's possible." Although Isaiah highly doubted it. "So, the last picture that they posted on their social media was this one." Isaiah held out his phone for Jonathon to check, the picture was of the five of them together, posing for the camera with wide smiles on their faces. "That was at 1.33am and you can see they were still here at the bar."

"Well let's go see the manager. Maybe he can assist us." They marched through the entrance, the interior of the bar looked somehow worse than the exterior, dingy and dark. A soft drum beat played in the background as they approached a lone figure who was pushing a mop around, not that it was helping actually clean the floor.

"Excuse us," Jonathon flashed his badge at the man, hoping this would help speed up the process of getting answers. "We need to see your manager."

The man shrugged, pointed to a back room and then dipped his mop in the filthy water before continuing to swipe it across the floor, not even slightly perturbed that the police were looking for his boss.

Jon muttered some choice words under his breath before proceeding to the back room and knocking loudly on the door.

The man who opened was shorter than Jon by a whole head, his black greasy hair was tied into a ponytail that hung between his shoulder blades, his beady eyes took one look at Jon and Isaiah standing in his doorway and immediately went on the defensive.

"I didn't do anything!" he insisted.

Jon raised his eyebrows, doubting the truth in the man's words but knowing they had more important things to focus on at the moment.

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