Chapter 37; Triniti's Chapter

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Olivia's House
Day Of The Beach

       I helped Michael start packing the car up. Liv stood by with a pouty face wishing she could help, knowing she couldn't lift anything heavy. Or light if it was up to Michael. They were absolutely adorable. I wish I hadn't been yearning for a relationship like theirs, and a week ago, I wouldn't have been. Jared had been so odd these last few days. It's crazy how something can start off beautifully and switch to something so unappealing so quickly. I wanted to work at this relationship, but I didn't even know how to, or what to say to him anymore. I'd ask him how his day had been going and he barely responded. On top of that, he'd been drinking every chance he got. He's changing too quickly and I can't wrap my head around it.
       We continued to pack the car as Jared pulled up behind us and put his car in park. He came out of the car and slammed his door shut. With a paper brown bag in his hand, he stumbled all over the place. I rushed over to him and we immediately began arguing. He couldn't even form a full sentence. I was fuming. "Get in the car. We're going home." I scolded him. He stumbled to the passenger seat and I ran over to Olivia and Michael to apologize and say goodbye. I got into the car and pulled off. On the way home, Jared was fighting sleep and trying to avoid throwing up all over his car. Truthfully, in that moment, I didn't care if he ruined his car so long as he didn't vomit on me.
       We pulled into the driveway and he was knocked out. I shook my head and took a deep breath. I got out of the car, made my way to the passenger side and tried to wake him up. Of course, he didn't budge. Now I had to try pulling him out of the car myself. I grabbed his arm and tried lifting him up. He started to fall out of the car and onto the cement. I tried to catch him but ended up falling down with him. I sat there for a minute while he slept on the hot cement with his feet partly in the car and began to cry. I couldn't tell if my cries were due to the simple fact that I was furious or hurt. I placed my head in my knees and curled up. I cried for a little while until a man approached me. "Miss? Are you okay?" He asked. I quickly and embarrassingly wiped away my tears and looked up. "Oh yes. I'm alright." I replied now lifting myself off the ground. "You don't look alright..." he replied. "You need help?" He asked. I looked at Jared who was still asleep and back at the man. I wondered if I'd have enough strength to drag him to the door and into the house. "Yeah." I admitted. The man picked Jared up off the ground and I ran for the door to quickly unlock it. He came inside and set Jared on the couch. "Thank you so much. I'm so embarrassed." I admitted. "Don't be. It was no trouble at all." The man said. He headed towards the door and I followed to walk him out. As I was about to close the door, he placed his hand upon it to stop me. "If you ever need anything, just call me." He smiled while handing me a business card. I slipped it into my pocket and looked back at him. "Girl as pretty as yourself shouldn't be stuck in a situation like that." He smiled bigger and added a wink. He turned around and walked away. I closed the door then rushed over to the window to watch what direction he was walking in. I watched as he crossed the street and entered the house located diagonally across from mine. "He lives there?" I asked myself as I walked away from the window.
       I made my way into the kitchen where I brewed myself a cup of coffee and sat at the kitchen table. I needed a moment to relax and calm down. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I could feel my pulse decreasing and I became level headed once again. I took a few sips of my coffee and began to think about what just happened. I hadn't even gathered this mans name. Also, was he flirting with me? I silently sat there before remembering the business card he handed me. It had to have his name on it. It read, "Carl Brown, Criminal Attorney At Law. 216-472-5729" I found myself slipping deeper into thought over him. I thought about his smooth, caramel colored skin tone and how soft his skin looked. I thought about how fit he looked as well. His suit surely did compliment his body. I felt a smirk upon my face as I thought about this man, until I snapped out of it from a sound coming from the other room. "Trin?" Jared called out. My smirk quickly faded into an angry frown as I stood up full of regret. "What?" I said with an attitude. "I d-don't f-feel g-good." He slurred. "Oh, so is this the only time when you want me around? When I have to take care of you because you'd rather spend your days getting drunk than being sober and spending time with me? Help yourself Jared." I said as I begun to turn around. "Baby, I'm sorry. I just want you, babe. Please come lay with me." He begged. I sighed, feeling my heart start to give in. "Baby girl?" He said. "Fine. Only for a little while." I finally gave in.
       I made my way to the couch and joined along side his body. He snuggled closer to me and we laid in each others arms for a few seconds. In no time, he began pecking me on my neck. Soon after, he lightly sucked on the skin causing me to bite my lip. I couldn't help but think of all the shit he put me through and I began to get turned off. "No, Jared. I'm not in the mood." I spoke up. "C'mon baby. Give in to me. You owe it to me." He said. I could've smacked him. After the way he had been treating me? He's lucky I'm even speaking to him. The drinking, the dry responses, the lack of love and care he seems to have to me. My heart is breaking but he doesn't even care until he thinks he is getting some. I refuse. "Jared. Get the fuck off of me. I said I'm not in the mood. You owe me some respect along with many other things but let me not take it to that level." I said as I pushed him away. He pulled me closer, "let's make everything alright then. Right here, right now." He said. "Jared. No." I said. He finally released his grip and gave up. "Fine then Triniti. Fuck out of here. Probably getting it from somewhere else for all I know" he muttered out as a reaction to the rejection. "Uhm, seriously? Goodbye Jared." I said as I grabbed nothing but a hoodie, my keys and I walked out the door. I felt bad leaving him when he was drunk like this, but I've got too much respect for myself to keep myself in a situation like that. He can talk to me when he gets enough common sense to realize the kind of girl he's got in his life. Now I'm going to give him a taste of what it's like to miss out on a queen like myself.
       I got in my car and immediately drove the shopping mall. It was time for me to give myself some retail therapy. I stopped at a shoe store first called "Sole Sister" which contained shoes such as heels, and sandals, and flip flops and all kinds of feminine foot wear. I bought about 5 unbelievably expensive pairs. Some had diamonds, some were plain as well. Next I went to a clothing store called "Forever Young". It contained shirts, dresses, hats, glasses, pants and more. I spent the majority of my time here. I shopped until an hour before close and that last hour I spent in the food court. When the mall closed I got back into my car and thought about where I was going to go for the night. With an idea in my head, I started the ignition and drove off. Soon, I pulled up at Olivia's house. The car was still gone so I figured that they weren't home yet. I guess I'd just wait it out. Not an hour passed by and I had fallen asleep in my car . . .

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