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"You sure you'll be okay here?"

Gio smiled at David and nodded. "Yup. Thanks, man"

David glanced down once again and smiled. "I'll go now, take care of yourself"

When David left, Gio looked back at Joanne and smiled. He adjusted the flowers he and David gave so that her name won't be covered. He caress her gravestone and sat more comfortably.

"Did you know?" he asked "David's getting married. You remember Veronica? My therapist? Didn't I tell you they started dating after a year of knowing each other through me? And now, this. They're both serious, so I'm happy for them"

Gio sighed. "I-I miss you" his voice cracked.

"How are you up there? Everything great?"

The wind blew and Gio smiled.

"I know I said I won't go back to London. But they gave me an offer and they're willing to take me back. I figured out it'll be best if I'll accept it right?"

Gio breathed heavily.

"I told your parents I want to help them financially but they declined and I respect that"

Gio caressed her gravestone.

"I'll see you soon, okay? Wait for me there"

Gio stood up and bid his goodbye. When he left, the cold wind blew and rain started to pour. Gio watched the rain from his car window.

He opened his dashboard and pulled Joanne's letter. It was given to him by her mother. Turns out she wrote this on his birthday. He recall how hard he cried after reading it. How he can hear her voice while reading it. How much he regret not talking to her before she had an accident.

Gio looked up and watch how the raindrops bounce against the ground and he smiled. At least his heart is at peace now. And he's sure, Joanne's happy now. And that's all that matters

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