DJ crossed her arms and scowled, "Is there any reason why you're still talking to me? Shut the fuck up,"

"Hoe, I'll keep talking as much as I fucking want to. Are you gone shut me up? Didn't think so," Honey pursed her lips as she out her hand on her hip.

Honey didn't think this lil issue was that serious. Honey decided she didn't need to waste anymore time on this broad. The last thing Honey needed was a charge on her record for beating this bitch ass. So she exited the girls restroom without hearing her response. Its almost time for her to get it class anyways.

The day went by faster than Honey wanted it to and it was time for her to began her walk home. It's funny because you would think she's eager to get home but she's really not cause her home is always in a frenzy. She has a mother and father who never liked to use condoms so now she has four whole siblings. 17 year old and 9 year old sisters along with a 6 year old and 1 year old brothers. It's never any peace and quiet in her home. Her parents should've known better than to put 7 black people in one house.

She send a quick text to Cyn telling her to meet up with her. Honey stood waiting next to the front exit for her.

"Hey girl!!!"

Honey jumped out of her skin when 2 hands clamped on her shoulders, "Oh my god you scared me babe! Why you so loud for?"

Cyn laughed loudly causing a few heads to turn in their direction. "Because it's the weekend duh!" She grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door excitedly. Cyn hated school just as much as Honey did. This school was the worse.

Honey winced at the pressure, "Go easy on my fingers girl! They hurt!"

Cyn looked confused and let go of her hand," What's wrong with your fingers?" She asked with furrowed eyebrows and as if a thought came to her she snapped her fingers. "You must've really went down and dirty last night in the bed,"

Honey shook her head because she already knew was Cyn was implying, "Now hold on up, I don't even masturbate...all the time and that's not why my fingers hurt you fool! Get ya head out the gutter,"

Cyn snickered at the first part of Honey's sentence, "You a nasty lil girl. You need a whoopin!" She emphasized each word like she really meant it. Honey rolled her eyes at Cyn's antics, but let out a small giggle. They were walking through their suburban neighborhood that was less than 10 minutes from their school. The neighborhood consisted of medium to small houses with a flourishing garden right in the center. It was creeping into the fall weather so it was a nice but cool breeze that settled throughout the air.

"The wooden handle smacked my fingers when the door was opening in the bathroom by what's her! That's her name. Lil trifling girl ain't even give a sister an apology or none. All she gave me was an attitude. Bald head ass," Honey pursed her lips at the memory. If it was one thing Honey hated was unnecessary bad attitudes. Like Honey ain't talk to this girl a day in her life and she's already tryna start. Honey don't play when it comes to rude people. Period.

"Oh yeah I know who that is! She's in my class. She is lowkey rude as hell. But whew she's also fine as hell too..Damn," Cyn fanned herself dramatically, then added "But, she shouldn't came at my girl like that. Do she not know who I am? We don't deal with females who do the most. No ma'am," Cyn said with a frown. Cyn didn't like anyone being rude to her friend because she was so sweet and never did anything to anyone.

Honey waved her off, "Girl I forgot about it as soon as it happened. Irrelevant people don't get my attention longer than two seconds,"

"You know I don't play when it comes to you. I can't help I'm a little overprotective," Cyn said with a small smile playing on her lips. They stood right in front of the path that led to Honey's 5 bedroom home.

Honey nodded, "Yes I know sweetie. Thank you so much for everything you do! I love you and I'll text you once I get settled,"

"Okay I love you too and see you later!" Cyn wave as she went in the opposite direction towards her own home.

Honey walked the path that led to her home and as soon as she walked in the door she heard a baby crying loudly. "Here we go," She muttered. She can't even get her foot all the way in the door before she already hear some noise.

"Hey baby! Can you make me a bottle real quick? I need a little help," My mom called from the living room. Honey glanced over at her and mentally shook her head at her mother's appearance. She had her long blonde hair in a black bonnet along with a pink silk night gown that had various white stains on it. To make it all worse she had dark circles under her eyes and a crying baby in her lap.

See this is why Honey ain't having no kids. She's allergic to all the crying, the whining and the fussing a child brings. Her momma could've been living it up had she took that plan B. She had wanted another child she said. I wonder if she still feels that's way..

"Sure momma," Honey nodded and heated up a bottle in the microwave. She gave her momma a kiss on cheek and the bottle she asked for. Then, she turned and walked upstairs to her room.

Honey actually enjoyed her semi peaceful life.

Honey actually enjoyed her semi peaceful life

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I'm sorry it's going a bit slow! I'm just trying to introduce the characters before we dive into the real tea lol

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