Chapter 2

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Honey practically ran out the cafeteria before the tears could fall from her eyes

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Honey practically ran out the cafeteria before the tears could fall from her eyes. She couldn't have no one catch her slipping like this. Honey wasn't the type to cry out in public, but she knew hearing that name was going allow memories to resurface...dark memories she mentally couldn't deal with right now.

She rushed into the girls bathroom and was thankful that it was empty during lunchtime which doesn't happen often. She went into the stall and tried to stop the tears rushing down her cheeks.

"Calm down.." She coaxed soothingly to herself, but it fell to deaf ears. It seemed like no matter what she said to herself she was still highly upset. The tears blurred her vision. And she hated it.

Honey had the worst habit of putting her emotions on the back burner to deal with later (which she never does) and once something happens it triggers her and she explodes. This episodes weren't frequent by any means, but it usually happened if Honey allows something to get to her.

She knew hearing his name was going to most definitely trigger her. She hated him with every fiber of her being. She was working on trying to forgive him for herself, but it was too fresh and she still had the scars from what he did.

She took a deep breath and walked out of the stall to the sink. She cupped the cold water in her hands and rinsed her face off. She grabbed a napkin and patted her face so no one would know she had been crying. She gave herself a small tentative smile in the mirror and made her way towards the door.

Just as she reached out to the handle of the door, it opened suddenly and hit her hand.

"Fuck," She groaned as she cradled her hand to her chest. The door swiped her fingers real hard and it hurt like hell. She looked up and made eye contact with DJ.

She pushed past Honey without an apology or anything. Honey wasn't surprised though because DJ always acted like she had a stick up her ass. She mostly kept to herself. She's been going to school with her since freshman year and they never ran into each other until now.

"Damn can I get an apology or some? You swiped the hell outta my fingers," Honey snapped as she turned around to face her. Her fingers were actually throbbing.. that wooden handle ain't no joke.

DJ glanced at Honey up and down as if she couldn't believe she was actually talking to her. Then she frowned and said with an attitude, "You shouldn't have been in my way the fuck,"

"Nobody told you to be running to the damn bathroom like that. Just mean as fuck for no reason," Honey rolled her eyes as she grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser. The position directed her back towards DJ. She needed a few extra tissues just in case the waterworks start again.

DJ kissed her teeth and said from behind her, "Next time don't be standing by the fucking door duh,"

Honey slowly turned with a raised brow, "Bitch, I was actually about to leave the bathroom just stop while you're ahead," Honey laughed humorlessly, This hoe done lost her rabbit ass mind if she think she finna keep coming at me sideways because SHE made a mistake by hitting me with the door.

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