Pillow talk

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I follow billie back to my room to see her wearing a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt

"I can drive you home mamas" I say licking my lips
"What if I want to stay here.." she says looking
"I don't think that's a good idea but if you want I don't mind mamas" I stare at her licking my lips again
"I want to" she says as she jumps on my bed
"Okay" I smirk at her

She looks so good in my shirt but she looks even better with it off
I lay down next to her facing the ceiling, I could feel her body turn towards me
I look to my left to see her looking at me

"What was that tonight?" She asked biting her lip
"What was what mamas?" I caress her face
"They way you fucked me tonight you didn't fuck me, you were like I don't know making love"

"Oh yeah?" I said with a huge grin on my face
"Billie you know you're more than just sex to me right?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Like every time we fuck it's all about lust but like I wanna give you my love ya know?"

"Well sex is lustful" Billie says giggling
"Yeah but I don't want to always just fuck you just I- never mind just know that you mean a lot to me."
"You mean more than sex to me to Brandon"

"I smiled I do love fucking you though" I say smiling
"And I love it when you fuck me" she said biting her lips
Billie gets on top of me and I grab her waist
"Did you fuck anyone while we weren't talking" she asks
"No mama" i run my hands up her shirt
"Good" she said with sas
"Did you?" I ask looking at her serious

"No. Brandon there's no way I could look at someone else and say that they could love or fuck me like you do" she leans down to kiss me biting my lip softly
As she pulls away I noticed that she has a big ass bruise that I left when I was sucking her neck earlier

"Shit" I say sitting up
"What?" Billie seemed worried
"Mamas I'm sorry I left a mark" I said to her
"Baby that's okay" she says as she goes to kiss me again but this time she started to grind on my dick as I grab her ass

She's never taken control and even though we just finished off she was making me really horny again
"Billie" I said with a breath I had in between
"mmhm" she said as she pulled away
"I wanna take you on a date just you and me"
"Are you sure?" She says smiling in confusion
"Yeah mama" I say biting my lip

"Okay" she smiled laying down on me
"I think I'm like falling deeply In love with you" Billie says while listening to my heart beat
"I am deeply in love with you" I say closing my eyes


I wake up with Billie still sleeping on me
I hold her head as I grab my phone off my side table seeing I had 16 missed phone calls and a whole bunch of text messages 4 from Gawa 2 from prince and 10 from Finneas

"Oh shit Finneas!" I said loudly surprisingly not waking up Billie
"Shit" I whispered
I go on to Snapchat and message Finneas a snap of Billie lying on me to let him know that she's okay she's just sleeping I also saved it because she looked so peaceful.

I lay there for about 20 more minutes until he texts me again

Finneas: next time tell me ahead of time cause you scared the shit out of my and my mom and dad

Brandon: yeah sorry bout that thanks btw

Billie wakes up 10 minutes later lifting her head a little bit
"Morning mamas" I say admiring her
Billie groans putting her head back down
"What time is it?" She says very softly
"It's 11:05" I say while playing with her hair

"Baby I'm hungry" Billie whines
"Wanna go to some vegan restaurant or something?"
"Would that be a date?" She smiles looking at me
"If you want it to be" I smiled at her
"Yeah" She rolls off me onto my bed
I get up to put some clothes on

"Oh my God" Billie yells covering her mouth
"What I turn around"
"Baby your back" she chuckles softly

I smiled at her cause I like the fact that she left something on me
"Is it bad?" I asked while laughing
"Yes Que it looks like an animal attacked you"
I laughed because it's only fair, right? I left a mark on her neck

She licks her lips followed with I bite
"You're So fucking sexy" she bites her lip
"oh yeah?" I smirk
"You're so much more sexy than me mama"
Billie smiles at me and then just stares at me

"What" I laughed
"Nothing" She smiles
"Okay lets take a shower mama"

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