Chapter 7

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Izu's POV

We got to my mom's house and knocked. We waited for a minute until my mom opens the door and me and Aiza went inside and sat on the couch.

Inko: So what brings both of you here.
Izu: Well I have some questions for you that I never thought at first to ask you.
Inko: And what are they about.
Izu: It is about pregnancy and what all happens in it.
Inko: Of course I will tell you everything I went through.
End of talking

It took what felt like forever but it was only 2 hours of explaining but it felt like a year. I was so tired after hearing all this and all I want to do now is snuggle to Aiza. Mom even asked what the names where but me and Shota told her we will keep it a secret until they are born. After that me and Aiza sat on the couch snuggling watching movies.

After not even 30 minutes into the first movie I fell asleep on Aiza.

Aiza's POV

After about 30 minutes into a movie I saw that Izu fell asleep. He looked so peaceful in his sleep so I decided to fall asleep myself.

Izu's POV

I was asleep for 3 hours until I noticed that it was pass supper time and I was hungry because of it. I also noticed that Aiza will have to do his job tonight so I will be here by myself.

I: Wake up hon I-were hungry and it is close for you to go to work.
A: Mmh. Ok I am awake and I will cook the food as fast as I can.
I: Ok but please do hurry.
End of conversation

He nodded and went to the kitchen to make me and the twins food. After what maybe felt for hours but was only a couple of minutes. It was my favorite meal katsudon(thanks person who helped me with the name spelling.) I ate and kisses Aiza good bye and be careful when you are out on your job.

After Aizawa left to go to his night shift for his hero one.

I went to our room and dressed into my nightwear. I then got into bed as comfortable as I can and slowly fell asleep.

Aiza's POV

It was midnight and my shift was supposed to end by now but no they made me stay on my shift until 2 a.m. with that I was mad because it will take me an hour to get home from where my shift is. The worse thing is I might not be lucky to get much sleep because of Izu being pregnant and would want food when he wakes up.

When my shift was over and I got home to only hear crying. I quickly went to mine and Izu's bedroom. I was relieved that he was ok but I know I have to wake him up because it worried me a little.

A: Wake up Izuku.
I:*wakes up and hugs Aiza hard but not to hard for the twins* DON'T EVER leave me alone for long ever again.
A: I am sorry they made me do over time on my shift.
I: Ok but do try to tell me please.
A: I will try and why were you crying.
I: Because I had a nightmare that someone killed you and they are a person at UA.
A: I will try and not get killed ok.
I: Ok.
A: Now let's get to sleep.
I: Ya.
Talking ends and they fell asleep

Izu's POV

It was the week and oh boy I was not ready for today. I might be only 3 days in but I am already showing probably is because I was skinny and I have twins in me. Yes I am happy I am going to have a family with Aiza but we will also have to move and I some how have to help and be careful with my belly. Me and Aiza are all ready in the classroom lucky no one was there and Aiza told me to be in the front with him at all costs so no one will think I am pregnant at the moment.

Bell rings for students to go to their first class

Eveyone and I mean everyone was so colorful of cloths today now that uniforms do not exist anymore. When my classmates came in they sat down but something was off about them. Are they wondering why I was sitting in here and not with the class? Who know besides them. Then it hit me they were maybe upset I didn't come with them and hanged out with them this weekend.

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