Chapter Two: New Beginnings

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Before I even opened my eyes, I knew it was over. The constriction of a chain was no longer around my ankle. Or, at least, I couldn't feel it anymore. The stiff and cold feelings of a basement floor wasn't underneath me. The air wasn't damp and rank smelling.

Now I felt warm and... nice.

'Shit. I'm dead, aren't I?'

Well, this is probably for the best. 

God must have seen that I was laughing at too many memes about wanting to die, he must have taken that shit seriously. 

Now's my time for ultimate bliss... assuming that I'm not going to hell, or whatever. 

I shifted a little, finding that I was definitely sitting upright. 

'There are no chairs in hell, right?'

No, of course not. Especially not comfortable chairs like this. 

I slowly started to open my eyes. The light was somewhat blinding, the sun peaking in through a window and scorching out my unprepared corneas.

Reflexively, I squinted, avoiding the brightness. I looked down at my lap, finding myself in a nice sofa-like chair. As my vision adjusted to the light, I could see things much clearer. Before me was an expansive desk, made of aged oak or something fancy like that. In an even larger arm chair sat a very, very old looking man. He was wrinkly as hell... sus as hell.

The old man was looking at and talking to someone to the right of me, but I couldn't process the conversation.

'Am I dreaming?' 

I looked back down at my stomach, where a gun shot wound should be. 

But it was gone.

'Maybe I'm dreaming?'

How devastating would it be if I woke up to find that I was still chained up in a serial killer's basement? 

At that moment, I zoned into the conversation. My ears, that probably worked fine before, were in tune with what was going on around me.

The person to my right stood up, I realized it was the handsome devil from earlier.

'Oh, so that was legit.' I raised my eyebrow at him. Now that I wasn't in the process of dying, I could get a good look at the man who saved me. He was tall, lanky, and handsome. What caught my eye was his characteristically plump lips. 

My otherworld savior stood, bowing to the man before us. 

He turned to me, reaching out his hand. I stared at it for a moment before realizing that he wanted me to take his hand. So I did, without further hesitation.

Suddenly, he smacked a slap bracelet on my wrist that read: You got it dude. My eyes widened for a moment, because I thought we left those back in the 90's. 


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