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Some more characters on the way

When kentrell heard noise he left and the whole gang left to so that meat that people was arriving. So me and DD left with them. They all ran, because they knew if they was notice they would be stuck taking pictures with fans. I started laughing and DD looked up at me and gave me that look. I mugged her because I knew what she was thinking. And after like 30min kentrell was up on stage singing "FREED DAWG". I got so hype and me and DD was singing the whole song. My favorite was when he was dancing. Bitch I thought I was gonna past out, He was looking so fine. He than just started staring at me and all I did was stare back, next thing you know he called one of his boys and whispered in their ear than after the boy left, he came up to me telling me that kentrell wanted ME on stage with HIM. I looked up and saw him smiling showing his grills in his mouth. I shok my head No, and he pulled me up their on stage I mugged him for a while than stared laughing. I was so shy. Bitch then they grabbed DD and we was getting so lit. He whispered in my ear asking me if I wanted to go to a party at his house agter the concert. I shoke my head no and all he said was "Bet".

 I shoke my head no and all he said was "Bet"

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Shawty right here look Bad Bad. So when I called her on stage she said no and before she could say anything else I grabed her on stage. I was feeling her so invited her to my house for the party we was having at my house. After doing like 5 to 6 songs we left. And I decided to let kaylie ride with me. It was quite at first until I broke the silence and said Why you so quiet, I dont know, Whats there to talk about. Lets talk about you,   Wym lets talk about me, kaylie said.  I mean LETS TALK ABOUT YOU. Nigga dont yell at me. I mugged her and ask her who is her mom, Nicki, she said with a simple answer. Nicki who I asked ger, Nicki Minaj. U lieing guh. No im NOT. Ok bet when I bring me home I will let u see. Aright bet.

At kentrell house party

When I walked in my house it was already paked in there. Im trying see how they get in, I look up just to see the gang and em dancing with some chicks. I looked up just to see kaylie smirking. Whats funny, nothing I just cant belive I'm in yo house. Well belive and have fun I told jer before walking away to the gang.


After kentrell left me, I was about to go by DD but I noticed she was to busy with Armon. So i decided to get on live. As soon as I hit 30k people U finally told tgem where I was. But they didnt belive me so I switched the camera on kentrell and em. Thats when they started to believe me.  Ibthen let kentrell join my live and than thats when people started throwing shad to me. See this why I dont like his fans they have to do the most. After I noticed a lot of people was throwing shade I ended the live. As soon as a looked up kentrell was close to me. I jumped bc I didnt even know he walked ova here than he stared to laugh and I mugged him until he came closer, grabbing my waist saying sorry, He looked hella drunk. He pulled me in another room throwing me on the bed, roughly tho, I got off the bed walking towards the door, but kentrell grabbed me by my neck, roughly asking me where I'm going. Nigga let me go. Bitch who the fuck u talking to, YOU now let me go. He gripped me neck harder. He was foreal hurting me. I was moving my body ro let him no that I cant breath. But that didn't stop him next thing I know I blacked out

In the morning

I woke up still in the same room I was in last night, all I could remember is that kentrell was choking me. I walked out the room, and saw a clean BIG ass house. Than I saw kentrell in the kitchen, I tried ro hury up and run but failed. Kentrell grabbed me and I smacked my lips, whats wrongbwith you,byou is whats wrong with me, you almost killed me last night, HOW, what happened to yo neck he said raising my chin up softly. His eyes widened, did I do this to you kaylie

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