dating Dante (aka the loml) includes:

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.lots of his special bear hugs

.not a lot of PDA (except hugging) y'all are quite private but, you guys do cute little things in public such as hold hands when you're alone it's the opposite

.his friends are your friends.

.friday is movie night.

.you get along really well with his family since they're so kind and welcoming uwu

.y'all  take a lot of cute pics together 

.you sometimes come to set to watch Dante work. You find it fascinating.

''Y/N, you came!'' (sorry but imagine Dante saying that with the biggest smile on his face-)

. you guys have a lot of cute inside jokes and nicknames that no one else can call you

.when he's sick you care for him but usually all he wants is for you to be with him (I wish)

. when you're together it's like nothing else matters

.he always compliments you, you do the same back and you guys both check up on each other

.sometimes you fall asleep together and your friends take pics-

.the cast loves you

.whenever he is having a crisis or breakdown you can always cheer him up he also does the same for you

.y'all have a spotify playlist that you share

. y'all are a power couple

ok so i decided to write a short like idk thing on like your relationship with him:

You were at Dante's house. 

Hanging out.


You loved alone time with him. You enjoyed being snuggled up to his chest. You were comfortable. Happy.

You couldn't believe one person made you feel these many different emotions. You truly loved him.

Y'all were on the couch snuggled up watching fast and furious. You weren't really paying attention more like thinking. As you hid your head in Dante's chest, you could hear his breathing. His chest rise up and down as is eyes shone from the reflection of the TV.

You loomed back down and suddenly blurted out to him 

''I love you.'' 

His eyes glowed up as he down looked at you in astonishment (I'm imagining Dante doing that cute face- comment if you know?)

''You what!?''

He was waiting for this.

''I love you.''

''I love you too, Y/N.''

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