Chapter 2: Five Years Later

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(Pic above is your new look

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(Pic above is your new look.)

"Yeah, we boarded that highly suspect warship Danvers pinged." Rocket said to Natasha. "It was an infectious garbage scowl." Nebula said as you, her and Rocket, Carol, Rhodey and Okoye were in a hologram call with Natasha, who was preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "So, thanks for the hot tip." Rocket sneered at Carol. "Well, you were closer." She replied back to him. "Yeah. And now we smell like garbage." Rocket exclaimed at her.

"You get a reading on those tremors?" Natasha asked Okoye as she cuts her sandwich diagonal. "It was a mild subduction under the African plate." Okoye informed. "Do we have a visual? How are we handling it?" Natasha asked her. "Nat, it's an earthquake under the ocean. We handle it by not handling it." Okoye said, firmly.

"Carol, are we seeing you here next month?" Natasha asked Carol. "Not likely." Carol replied. "What, you gonna get another haircut?" Rocket asked her, sarcastically, referring to her short hair. "Listen, fur-face. I'm covering a lot of territory. The things that are happening on Earth are happening everywhere, on thousands of planets." Carol remarked. "That's a good point." You said to Rocket. "Yeah, true." He mutters. "So you might not see me for a long time." Carol said as she looks back over at Natasha. "All right. Uh, well...This channel is always active." Natasha said and Carol nods at her. 

"And what about those inter-dimensional demons, (y/n)?" She asked you. "It seems like there's more and more every day we check." You said. "So there's more? Do you need help?" Natasha asked. "No, I should be fine on my own. It's not my first solo battle and it won't be my last." You said to her and she smirks. "So, anything goes sideways....Anyone's making trouble where they shouldn't...Comes through me." Natasha said to you guys.

"Okay." Rocket and Nebula said just as you and Okoye said. "All right." Then you ended the call and started walking down the stairs to the main entrance of the Sanctum. Then you waved your hand in a circular motion and a portal appeared before you as you enter into another dimension, thank God Wong got you another sling ring when you came back home from Titan.

You let out a yelp of pain as you roll a few times on a ground before you land on your front. You groan as you slowly get up on your hand and knees when a large creature starts to charge at you. It stops in front of you then let's outta roar as you let out a cough. You take a few quick breathes then look up at the creature, in slight fear, before anger slowly overcomes you. You wipe away the blood running out of the corner of your mouth with the back of your hand and you slowly stand up on your feet.

You wave your hands and a sword appears in your hands as you glare up at the monster, imagining it to be a certain large purple Titan. Even though Thor killed him five years ago, it still helped you to keep going as you fight new monsters that try to make their way to Earth. The monster roars again and you pull up your hood over your head then run towards the monster and fight.

Five years....

Five years....

You couldn't believe that it had been five years since you and the Avengers failed to stop Thanos and let half of the population get dusted away, including the love of your life. The world had gone down hill for awhile but recently people were slowly but surely moving on. Part of you wanted to move on but another part of you didn't want to, especially when you looked down at that ring on your left hand.

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