Chapter 2

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The girls are watching a TV talk show whose host, Polly Burks, is clearly making fun of the guests in studio. Her puns are supposed to entertain the audience, but it looks like they're offending them.

Polly: Is it true that you weren't well-off when you started?

She's clearly referring to BTS, perhaps the most popular K-pop boy group of the decade. They look embarrassed as Polly and two other invitees in studio, Kaitlyn Genovese and Janine Winans, are chuckling between a snarky comment and another.

Kaitlyn: Look, they are not even saying a word. Poor things.

Janine: They won't even admit it!

Polly: Calm down, please. Let's let the guys answer our questions.


Polly: Okay, another one. Do you think you'll find love soon? I mean, such potential shouldn't go to waste...

In front of TV, the girls can't help being annoyed at Polly's lack of common sense and respect towards her guests, as well as her other invitees' hostile demeanor.

Jihyo: Poor things.

Nayeon: I mean, madam, let at least them give an answer.

Polly: Okay, this question is also a little touchy. Let's try something more relevant. What about-

Janine: I have a question, Polly.

Polly: Go on.

Janine: Jimin, is it true that you and TWICE's Jeongyeon had some... beef in the past? Have you talked to her through this?

Jeongyeon: That's enough! How dare she?

Mina: She's a bitch!

Jimin: I'm sorry, but it's not your business.

Jin: Yeah, I think we should move on, right?

Kaitlyn: Oh no. I have a question for Jungkook. You've been spotted with a lot of cute girls recently. Are you dating any of them?

Jihyo: Gross.

Sana: I want to go to bed. Seriously.

Jin: You're not forced to answer...

Jungkook: That's not a problem.

Kaitlyn: So?

Jungkook: I'm single. Sorry.

Tzuyu: I knew it! He's too smart to let himself be embarrassed by a grown-up brat wearing a stupid corset!

Nayeon: How do you know this is a corset?

Mina: That's not a corset, Tzuyu. It's a tank top.

Chaeyoung: A ridiculously small tank top. She dresses like a whore...

Momo: ...because she is a whore, always wanting the spotlight for herself!

Jihyo: I hate this show!

Chaeyoung: Shhh! I can't wait to hear the rest!

Dahyun: Seriously? It's trash.

Chaeyoung: Don't you want to see Jungkook and the others give those brats a piece of their mind?

Dahyun: Hehe.

Back to the show. Polly is now about to interview the leader of BTS, RM.

Polly: You're the leader, so you know your mates best. Who do you feel the closest to?

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