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          "It''s you." Mina said with a shaky voice. The figure grinned a maddening grin and took off her hoody. "Ah yes. It's me." Tzuyu said and towered over Mina. "How....why?" Mina asked, tears forming in her eyes. Tzuyu rolled her eyes. "Because I hate you, that's why." Tzuyu pulled out the gun from the pocket and sighed. Mina widened her eyes. Tzuyu looked at the older girl and snarled. "What are you looking at?" Tzuyu spat. "If it was you this whole time. Did you....did you kill Park Jihyo?" Mina asked with a shaky voice. Tzuyu rolled her eyes. "She was in love with me. Followed me around like a love sick puppy and it annoyed me. I had everything as I had wanted it. Everything was in place since you arrived."

"She arrives today. You had asked me to update you on her arrival." Jihyo said and smiled. She looked at the young girl for 'good job'. But Tzuyu paid her no mind and closed the file on Myoui Mina. "I've been waiting for so long." Tzuyu said. "She's the one. The one who put your father into jail wasn't she?" Jihyo asked. Tzuyu gripped the file. "Yes. She's wrong. He couldn't have raped her. He's a kind man, a man who had worked hard all his life to provide for me. And this bitch had the audacity to wrongly accuse him. He was on a business trip in Kyoto. Not Tokyo. He would've told me if he was in Tokyo. He never kept things from me." Tzuyu gripped the file even harder, bending it. "What are you going to do with her? Do what you did to Lee Chaeyeon, to her?" Jihyo asked. Tzuyu felt her forehead and cackled. She remembered seeing her obsession fall to her death. She was in utter hysterics as she remembered the piercing fear written in Chaeyeon's eyes as she slipped and fell back. And all she did was point her gun aimed at the back of Son Chaeyoung's head. One shot then another at Lee Chaeyeon. But fate had taken it's course on that rainy day, making Lee Chaeyeon fall into the abyss of her doom. Tzuyu finished her fit of laughter and wiped a tear away. "Not yet. I'll keep an eye on her. Be her...friend." That word tasted sour in her mouth. Friend. *knocking* "Uh, the girl has been spotted entering the main doors." An errand girl for the two p.a's said. Tzuyu sighed and fixed her uniform. "It's time to pay her a visit." She said. She fixed the collar of her shirt. Jihyo nodded and watched Tzuyu walk out the door. Jealousy coursed through her veins. This Myoui Mina, would she interfere with her love for Tzuyu? She smiled as students past the door as they walked in the hall. She'd seen pictures of this Myoui Mina. Was willing to do whatever Tzuyu asked her to to get her attention. She stayed hidden away till the time was right.

As the door opened, Tzuyu was finally face to face with the girl she hated the most. She made no effort to smile nor show signs of hatred as she put on an expressionless look on her face. "Miss Chou, please take her to her first class." She heard. She had snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Mina. Nodding, she turned on her heels. She heard the older girl follow her quickly. She grew annoyed as they talked about honorifics. If only she could put her in her place now. "I've read the file about you." Tzuyu said. She paid no mind to the older girl's reaction. She didn't care if she was surprised. "This is your first class. I will wait here for you after class to take you to your next class of study." Tzuyu informed the older girl. She watched as Mina entered the classroom and looked through the window at a familiar face she hated as well. Son Chaeyoung. She adjusted her tie and walked away. Memories of that dark rainy day flooded her memories. She grinned madly and chuckled under her breath. It brought her pure joy to know she killed the girl who denied her love, and framed the girl who would've ruined everything. Now she'd do it again, but go through with a gun shot. "Have you talked with her yet?" Jihyo asked as she leaned against the wall with Tzuyu. The young girl sighed. "Yes. She's as annoying as before. This shy facade she has on. Stupid. I can see her ignorance right through it." Tzuyu said. "What would you like me to do? I'll do anything you ask." Jihyo said. Tzuyu looked at Jihyo and nodded. "I'll give you something to do when it's time." Tzuyu said. An hour past and she was at the older girl's classroom once more. She sighed in annoyance. She wanted to go through with her plan but at the same time, she wanted to torture her. Scare her to death if possible. As Mina came out she watched her interact with no one other than Son Chaeyoung. She balled her plan. Of course Son Chaeyoung wasn't insane. She didn't murder Lee Chaeyeon. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. "Pay her no mind...she's a lunatic." Tzuyu said, coldness dripping off her tongue. She didn't care for Chaeyoung's childish behavior and grabbed Mina's hand dragging her away.

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