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            "It's like a dark paradise." Jihyo sang as she looked at a file. Flipping through the pages she sighed. Her sweet Tzuyu, HERS. Jihyo tucked away the file in a cabinet and turned around. "Oh, what are you-." But before Jihyo could finish her sentence, her throat was cut. The Korean girl gripped her slit throat tightly, eyes wide from the act. She was choking, losing blood. She couldn't breathe. She reached for the figures hoodie. But missed. The figure watched as Jihyo fell to the floor, dead. The figure opened and shut the door, walking slowly in the hall. No one around. No one to stop her from continuing this spree. She turned into the left hallway and hid the razor she had stolen under her sleeve. She headed to the bathroom to clean it.

"You seem shaken up." Sana said. Mina was silent. She was. Absolutely terrified. She had just witnessed a ghost. But ghosts aren't real, right? She was losing her mind. "We've kept an eye out for Son Chaeyoung. Don't worry, she won't go near you." Jeongyeon said and ate her bag of chips. 'She already did.' Thought Mina. "We're all going to get to the bottom of this Mina. Honest. Hey, let's all go on a picnic tonight. I live close to the national forest. It's open to the public. I can bring my electric stove and someone can bring the jokbal and the kimchi." Nayeon said. "I'll bring the jokbal." Momo said and raised her hand. "I'll bring the kimchi." Sana said. "I'll bring the drinks." Jeongyeon said. "I'll bring the stove." Nayeon said. They all looked at Mina who seemed out of it. "Mina? You okay?" They asked. Mina stood up and cleared her throat. "I'll bring....I don't know. Excuse me." She said and hurried away. She hadn't noticed the prying eyes from far away. The girl followed Mina stealthily.       The Japanese girl panted heavily and felt her heart. It was pounding in her chest. The ghost of Lee Chaeyeon. She swore she saw her. She swore she was trying to tell her something. But what? Mina looked into the mirror and blinked a few times. She was losing her mind. Just like Son Chaeyoung. Seeing the girl's death, Lee Chaeyeon. Not being able to help her. She knew. She knew now that she hadn't killed her. But why was Tzuyu saying otherwise? Was everyone saying otherwise? She threw some water on her face and let out a breath. She jumped when she saw a girl. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. It's me, Dahyun." Dahyun said. Mina blinked a few times and then wiped her face. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I do love camping. Would you mind if I tagged along?" Dahyun asked with a cheerful smile. Mina bit her lip. She didn't know if a mate of Son Chaeyoung's would be welcomed. "I-."     "Please Mina. You'll need me." Dahyun said and looked at her with a serious expression. Mina grew silent. Need her? Why? Mina nodded. "Let's go talk to them then." Dahyun said. Mina nodded again.


Tzuyu closed the classroom door and looked around. She hadn't seen Mina around or when she went to go get her from her class. 'Where could she be?' Tzuyu thought. She walked down an empty hallway and cleared her throat. Out of the shadows emerged Son Chaeyoung. The older girl stopped Tzuyu in her spot and leaned against the wall. "Stay away from her." Chaeyoung said while she fiddled with a razor in her hand. Her. The only girl on both of their minds. The only girl they can keep an eye on and have some type.of grasp on.  Tzuyu looked at Chaeyoung with a blank expression. She wasn't fazed with this behavior of Chaeyoung's. "Or what?" Tzuyu asked monotonously. Chaeyoung raised the blade and placed it under Tzuyu's chin, the sharp end barely piercing the taller girl's chin. "You don't deserve Mina." Chaeyoung hissed. Tzuyu chuckled. "What? And you do?"  Tzuyu asked. She looked at Chaeyoung with a smirk. The young girl growled and looked at Tzuyu threateningly. The younger girl just chuckled. She grabbed Chaeyoung's hand that held the razor and dug into her skin. Chaeyoung widened her eyes as she saw blood slowly dripping down Tzuyu's neck. She was absolutely insane. She looked Tzuyu in her eyes. A mad grin on Tzuyu's face. Chaeyoung pulled away. "She's chosen me. Her mistake." Tzuyu said and turned on her heels. Chaeyoung was dumb founded. She stood in the hallway clutching the razor. She knew something was wrong. Very wrong with Chou Tzuyu.


*that night*

"Jeez, that's the biggest you could get." Jeongyeon asked her girlfriend who was carrying the stove. "Any bigger and I'd break my arm trying to carry it." Nayeon snapped. "You have big hands, what's the problem?" Jeongyeon asked. "Ya! You wanna die?" Nayeon yelled. "'re single?" Sana asked Dahyun. The church girl smiled and nodded. "Well I'd like to say I'm taken by Jesus." Dahyun said. "Eh? Who's Jesus? Does he go to our school?" Momo asked. Dahyun blinked a few times. "Oh, a church girl. I like to get on my knees too." Sana husked and eyed Dahyun. "Oh. So you like to pray?" Dahyun asked. "Oh yeah, pray that the pussy I'll eat tastes as heavenly as Heaven itself." She said. Dahyun blushed madly and looked down at the ground. "You should eat jokbal instead." Momo said.    Mina stopped in her tracks. Something wasn't right. She could sense her stalker was near. They were close and every step she took she could feel their eyes on her. She tried to shake the thought away. She was going to spend her time with her friends. Tzuyu had said she was busy so she couldn't accompany her for the evening. But for some reason Mina seemed relieved. Tzuyu had been making her uncomfortable. The way she smiled so....wickedly at times or grip her wrist hard had felt like a chain around her wrist. But the same name kept coming up. Son Chaeyoung. She was at ease with the younger girl. Wasn't certain or knew what to believe after their encounter on the roof. She saw what Chaeyoung sees every night in her dreams. It must be maddening. "Mina, come on! You need to come help make the food!" Jeongyeon called out. Mina ran up the hill and joined the girls. "Thinking?" Sana asked and helped Mina open the bag of food. "I just....I feel like we're being watched." Mina said. "We're at the edge of Bukhansan National Park. People come and go all the time." Sana said. "No. I....I really feel it. Like Son Chaeyoung is watching me!" Mina raised her voice in distress. The other girls stopped what they were doing and looked at Mina who was clearly distressed. "Mina, we're close to a park ranger post. If anything happens we'll Jeongyeon run to the post." Nayeon said. "Why me? They'll be able to see your big hands flailing around from a mile away." Jeongyeon said. "Ya! You wanna die?" Nayeon yelled. "Mina, Chaeyoung wouldn't hurt you. She wouldn't hurt anyone." Dahyun said. The girls grew silent. *ding* All the girl's phones dinged at the same time. *New picture message from unknown*. All the girls looked at one another. They each opened it one by one.  "Oh my god!" Sana said. "Ah!" Screamed Nayeon. Mina stared at the phone in utter shock. A picture of Park Jihyo with her throat slit had been sent to their phones. "What sick fuck would do this shit?" Jeongyeon asked. "Son Chae-." *Bang Bang* All girls looked up wide eyed. A figure at the bottom of the hill was shooting their gun into the air. They were coming. There was no one to stop them. Not the police or the park rangers she had killed at the park ranger post. "It's her." Jeongyeon said. "Who?" Nayeon and Sana asked. "Mina, run." Jeongyeon said. "W-what?" Mina asked with a shaky voice. "Run!" Jeongyeon screamed as the figure reached the top of the hill. Mina wasted no time as she ran. She ran and didn't look back. Dahyun dialed a number on the phone quickly. "Fuck off! You'll have to get through us!" Jeongyeon yelled. The figure smirked and raised her gun. One shot had made Mina yelp as she heard the shots behind her. She could hear their screams. She had only heard two shots. But who got shot? She ran. Ran where her feet would take her in the dark forest. Ran until she thought she had lost them. But she didn't. They weren't far behind. She was running out of time. Running from who was the question. Running was all she could do. But she heard them. That laugh. She turned around. It was her. "It''s you."

Whoa the final show downnnnnn. I'll update soon on it. Haha. -Drea 😂👌

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