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JACK STRUMMED softly on the guitar and lifted his head when Zach came walking into the basement, where pretty much every instrument in the Stanford house was stored

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JACK STRUMMED softly on the guitar and lifted his head when Zach came walking into the basement, where pretty much every instrument in the Stanford house was stored.

"Isla would not stop jumping around, dude." The younger chuckled and took the seat next to Jack, taking the black guitar as it was passed over to him and settled it on his lap.

"See, I told you giving her sugar was a bad idea-"

"She looked so cute when she wanted a cookie!" Zach emphasized and held his arms up, as if to ask what else he was supposed to do. Jack shook his head at his best friend and opened his notebook, flipping through it until he landed on the lyrics and chords he'd scribbled out a few days before. He was supposed to be paying attention in english class, but music was more fun.

"So, how are things going with Carmen?" Jack asked and glanced over at the younger boy as he shook his head, gaze fixed on he neck of the guitar.

"I've told you a million times, she hates me. Nothing I say can change that." Zach sighed and plucked a few of the strings slowly. He pursed his lips together and turned back to the curly-haired boy, who didn't like the smirk forming on his face. "Now you and Hazel on the other hand..."

Jack's cheeks grew hotter at even the mention of her. He immediately turned back to his notebook, clearing his throat in hopes that any nerves would be concealed. "I-Let's just try this song out, okay?" He hastily scribbled some new chords onto the paper. He usually wouldn't have reacted this way, but now that he realized certain things, it seemed like the only way. At least with how his mind and heart seemed to be going a mile a minute.

Zach just shook his head again, a grin Jack knew that usually led to mischief was on his face. He picked up the notebook and read the chords over before laying it between them, beginning to play. Jack grinned when the soft guitar tunes started to play and looked at the book. Though he'd written those lines days ago and had looked at them so many times since it seemed unnecessary.

"If it's all a dream, don't wake up. 'Cause I got your body right here next to me, just wait up. Gotta check myself 'cause I just can't believe, ayy-oh. That you were in my heart, you were in my head, now you're waking up here in my bed."

Zach finished and it was only the two of them looking it over before soft claps came from the door, both boys' heads snapping up at the sudden noise.

Hazel stood in the doorway, a grin resting on her lips and her hands held together in front of her chest. "That was really good, guys." She admitted and walked in slowly, looking between the two of them. "You know, I always wondered what teenage guys did alone in a basement. This is not what I thought."

"You weirdo." Jack said, chuckling when she lightly shoved his shoulder in return, very much trying to ignore the pounding in ears at the touch.

"Hey, this is way better." She pointed out and picked up the notebook with the lyrics scribbled on it. Jack almost protested against it but stopped when he saw the smile on her face as her eyes skimmed the paper.

"This is really good... who wrote this?" Hazel questioned and looked up from the page, eyes flickering between the boys who were looking at her.

Zach grinned and clapped his hand on Jack's shoulder. "That would be our very own Jacky here." He snickered, the older of the two looking at him with a glare though he was mostly concerned with the heat rising to his cheeks.

"Wow." Was all Hazel said before she looked at Jack, the smile on her face seeming to lighten the room. "I knew you could play and sing, didn't know you could write." She chimed and tapped the notebook, passing it back to him.

"Is any talent I have really that much of a surprise to you?"

"Yes." Hazel chuckled, one rising in Jack's throat as well at the small noise. She looked at the two of them before stepping back to the sideways stairwell hidden slightly by the wall. "Well I have to go get my sketchbook, I left it in your room last time I was here but Isla said you were down here so I thought I'd say hi. Also, who gave her sugar?" She immediately looked at Zach accusingly, the rosy-cheeked boy holding his hand up in a silent admittance of guilt.

"Well go get it, you know the way." Jack gestured up and couldn't keep the smile from his face when he watched her grin and race up the stairs. He briefly glanced down at his notebook before looking back up. It seemed he couldn't keep his attention away from her for long.

Zach shook his head as Hazel left, adjusting the guitar on his lap. "You really like her, huh?" The younger meant to ask it teasingly, but when he turned to Jack he saw nothing but a lovestruck smile on his face as his eyes stayed in the direction Hazel had went.

"Yeah, yeah I do." Jack admitted softly, turning to see Zach's expression drop to a dumbfounded one. It was silent for a moment before the younger threw his fists up in what seemed to be victory.


i'm glad it doesn't
feel weird to write about
jack. it's still fun to me.

plus lavender is adorable
unbelievable ais a bop

that is all

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