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MARINA AND AUBREY roamed the streets of Los Angeles the next day, Marina showing her just what happens in the big city and taking her to some of the "tourist attractions."

When in Rome, right?

The two eventually stopped at a small restaurant Marina frequently visited. They got a table and ordered some lunch, which was good because all Aubrey had eaten that morning was a sandwich in the airport back in Chicago and a bag of peanuts.

"Judging by how fast you're eating that, I'm guessing you like it?" Marina questioned with a light chuckle as Aubrey slowed down shoving the pasta into her mouth.

"Shut up, I'm hungry." The brunette covered her mouth as she giggled, putting her fork down. Aubrey let out a small sigh and looked down at her hands, playing with her rings in thought.

Marina took notice and furrowed her eyebrows at her friend. "What's with that face?" She questioned. At Aubrey's puzzled look, she rolled her eyes and gestured to her. "That, you're thinking about something. What's up?" She pushed and leaned her arms on the table, cocking to the head to the side curiously.

Aubrey thought for a moment and let out a sigh. "I don't know." She admitted and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm really happy to be here, I'm just... confused, I guess. I came here for a reason, I know that. I just don't know why." Her lips pursed together as she allowed the confusion to take over her face.

The blonde sitting across from her frowned slightly but shrugged her shoulders, leaning back in her seat. "Well you've been to L.A. before, right?"

"Yeah, over three years ago with my parents." Aubrey reminded her with a raised brown. The conversation stopped momentarily when the waitress came back over with the bill and Marina insisted on paying, much to the younger girl's dismay.

"Oh hush." Marina finally said to stop her insistence on paying. "How are your parents doing anyway?" She asked, changing the topic as they gathered their things and rose from their seats.

"There just as great as ever." Aubrey commented with a joking eye roll. "My mom's settled in Atlanta for now while Dad is God knows where. He calls and such, but Mom is still holding on to the idea that 'if destiny has its way, he'll make it back to us.'" She said and glanced to the ground, a frown falling on her lips again. Her father's military service was always a tough topic. While it let them move around a lot and fed her spirit of adventure, his deployment brought worry to the other two members of his family. But he'd always made it back to them so far.

"You know, I think you got the whole 'destiny' and reasons things from your mother." Marina commented, causing a laugh to bubble from Aubrey who nudged her in response.

The two girls walked away from the restaurant together, Marina pointing out a few things they'd missed on the way in she thought the younger might find interesting. Aubrey nodded along before frowning, a tugging in her gut telling her something was up.

Just behind them at the restaurant entrance, where the girls just were, five boys and a short, highlighted brunette girl walked in. The boys were laughing about something while she just shook her head and followed behind them with an amused grin.

Aubrey turned her head just as the last member of that group walked in, a blond boy, small earrings in and a grin across his face as he called to his friends. She furrowed her eyebrows and turned back around, managing a small smile to her friend.

Something was supposed to happen there; she felt it.

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