12. I don't care, I'm coming

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   FP's POV:

   FP sat silently in Fred's car and looked out of the window. Everything was a little blurry because of the alcohol. After a couple minutes of silence, Fred finally spoke.

   -So, how did that happen?

   FP was considering about lying but it didn't feel right. Fred needed to know.

   -I fell off my bike in the forest.
   -What the hell were you doing in the forest?
   -Just driving.
   -You haven't changed one bit, FP.

   Fred smiled at him and FP chuckled. The rest of the drive was silent and peaceful. FP was deep in his thoughts and Fred didn't mind.
   As they arrived at the hospital, FP remembered why they were there. He completely forgot about his finger. Fred checked FP in, because FP couldn't write and was drunk. FP was taken to a surgery room where they fixed up his finger.
   FP woke up with a big hangover and a heavy cast on his hand. His stomach was demanding food and right at that moment one of the nurses came in with a bowl of oatmeal. FP happily accepted the food and ate it in about 30 seconds. The nurse watched him chug down his breakfast and informed him.

   -Mr Jones, you will have to stay here until 8:30, because we need to organise your documents and you still have some medicine in your body. By the way, there are two visitors who really want to see you. Should I let them in?
   -Yes, of course. And thank you.

   FP smiled at the nurse. He already knew, who were the visitors. As he thought that, Jughead and Betty stormed in the hospital room.

   -Hello, Mr...

   Jughead interrupted her.

   -Dad, what the hell did you do?
   -Hello, Betty. Hello to you too, Jughead. I had a bike accident and please stop yelling.

   FP said that all in a calm, almost too calm voice. He didn't have the energy or will to argue. But he needed to know one thing

   -Betty, have you seen your mom this morning?

   Betty gave him a weird look, but decided to answer his question.

   -Yes, but she was still asleep when I left.

   That calmed FP, now he knew that atleast she didn't break any bones that night.
   Betty and Jughead left for school, atleast that's what they said. FP knew they didn't, because the calendar on the wall said it was Saturday. But he let them be, he wanted them to be happy.

   Alice's POV:

   She woke up in her bed, but didn't remember how she got there. Her last memory from that night was falling asleep on the couch. Her head hurt and she wanted to vomit.
   She rushed to the bathroom and vomitted everything that was in her stomach. She decided to go downstairs and have a glass of water. Three empty wine bottles were still standing on her table. Her memories started to flow back into her brain and she bursted into tears.
   She remembered that Fred was there that evening and decided to call him to know what had happened.
   He picked up after about 30 seconds. He sounded like he was in a rush.

   -Good morning, Alice! I don't have much time to talk.

   Alice heard some odd sounds in the background. A silent beeping and a lot of voices. A loud siren could be heard.

   -Fred, are you in the hospital? Did something happen.
   -Yes, Alice, but don't come here. It's nothing important.

   He lied to her because he didn't want to put her under more stress. But she wasn't one to give up.

   -I'm coming right now. I don't care.

   Fred couldn't finish because Alice hung up. She grabbed her bike and rushed to the hospital.


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