Dirty Zayn

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You were anxiously waiting for Zayn to get home, as you hadn't seen him in two days, and you missed him already.

You were on your phone, when Zayn burst through the door. You jumped, because it scared you, but you ran over to him. He had a smirk on his face, and lust in his eyes. His dark brown eyes, looking you up and down. It made you wet already. 

He pressed his hand into the small of your back, and rested the other on your bum. 

"I missed you soooo much (Y/N)" 
you flashed a quick smile, but before you could reply. He smashed his lips against yours. 

You raised your hands up to his neck, and looped your arms around it. 

His other hand soon was with the other on your bum. And he bit your bottom lip, begging for entrance, you wanted him so bad, you let him in right away, and he smirked into the kiss. Your tongues battling for dominance, his won. Like always.

You lifted one of your legs around his waist and grinded yourself onto his hard erection, soft sweet moans left both of your mouths, and Zayn guided you to the couch. And laid you down, not breaking the kiss once, soon he left your mouth and was leaving small purple love bites on your neck.

He lifted your shirt over your head and slid down your yoga shorts, you bent over and tugged at the hem of his shirt, and he raised his arms, giving you permission to take it off. 

He pulled off his pants, and you could see a small wet circle on his boxers from the pre-cum. You smiled as he bent over you, going to your sweet spot in the crook of your neck. A sweet moan left your mouth, and you felt him smile. 

You slithered your hand down to his boxers and began to palm him. He let a sweet low moan out of his perfect lips. 

"I can't take it any longer," He growled, and ripped your pantys, his boxers, and finished by taking your bra off. 

Slowly he entered you, he was at least 10 inches, and you were never able to get used to him, 
"God damnnn, youur sooo fucking tighttt." He moaned out of his lips, as he finally got his whole length inside of you. He began slaming himself into you, he was hitting your G-spot, HARD. And you began moaning louder than ever.

"ZAYYYYN! HAAAAARDERRRR. PLEEEASE.!!!" You screamed, and Zayn smirked, and was soon going as fast as he could. 

"OH MY GODDDD. ZAYYYYYN, YOUR SOOO BIG," You screamed as you cummed all over his shaft. 

After a few pumps, Zayn's got sloppy, and he realised all of himself into you.
He pulled himself out of you, and collasped on top of you, 

He laid his head next to yours, you both laid there for about five minutes, catching your breath. And Zayn pushed himself off of you. This wasn't normal, you both stayed in this position for about a half an hour. You tried to sit up, but your body was still like jelly. 

He walked out of the room for a quick second, and walked back in with a small black velevet box. 

"(Y/F/N) I love you more than anything, and i would love for you too be my wife forever and always, so what do you say?" He smiled, 
You stood up, ignoring the jelly feeling in your body, and screamed yes, as he jumped up pulling you into his arms. 

"I love you (Y/N)." he smiled looking down at you, as you admired the beautiful ring on your finger. 

"I Love you too Zayn," You responded with a smile, as you pecked him on the cheek. 


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