Chapter Fifty

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"Brianna!" I called and then she turned to look at me. I smiled and then said, "Do you remember Mera?!"

She nodded with a smile. I smiled back and then told her that I was paying her a visit. She smiled and then said, "Bring her here!"

I nodded and then kissed her lips. Her mother and Grace got her few minutes ago so she wouldn't be alone. I went down and then got to my car. I went in and started the engine. I drove to the hospital and then went to Mera.

The receptionist didn't bother stopping me knowing who I was no. I was Mera's son. I chuckled and then went to her office. I knocked and went in. I smiled and then said, "Hey, mom!"

She turned to look at me and she looked really exhausted. She had bags under her eyes and I just sighed. Over the past three weeks, she has been in danger. Alex was after her to get Derek and that was why I had to leave Brianna. I remembered Mera saying that her son was visiting the day before so I had to meet him.

"Malik?! Hey, where is Brianna?!" She asked and I smiled.

"At home. She is waiting for you there. We brought a lot of people over and she wanted you as well. Plus, she has a surprise for you," I said and she smiled.

"I don't know if I can come over. My son is home," she said and I shrugged.

"He can come. Brainna got over the incident," I said and smiled.

"Okay," she said and called her son. She told him that she was visiting and it didn't take him much time to come over. I was shocked when I saw who he was.

"Seth?!" I said and Mera looked at me surprised.

"Seth?! No he is Dave," Mera said and I was surprised.

"Hey, boss. It didn't cross my mind that you were Malik that mom talked about," he said and I just smirked.

"Come, let's talk in the car!" I said and then walked to my car. I went in and then said, "So, Seth is Dave!"

"Oh my god! My two boys work together?!" Mera said and we smirked and nodded. Okay, Seth wasn't always close to me but damn this would sure go his way.

"Yes, by the way, Seth, you are going to my and Brianna's house, she is mine so don't pull that shit from last time," I warned as I remembered their last encounter.

He nodded and then smiled. Soon enough, I made it there I opened the door and there stood Brianna with the baby bump. I walked to her, kissed her lips and pulled her in my arms.

"Hey, Mera! Hey, Seth," she said and then hugged Mera. Mera smiled and then said, "Hey, Brianna, I see you're doing better. Malik said that you had a surprise in store for me."

Brianna looked at me as if asking if I hadn't told her yet. I shrugged and then a smile crossed my beloved's face.

"Mera, you count Malik as your son, right?!" She asked. I looked at Brianna and then my mom. Mera looked at me nervously but then said, "Yes, and I do count you as my daughter."

A smile crossed Brianna's face as she took Mera's hand and put it on her stomach. She gave her a small smile as Mera's face went shocked.

"Hope you can make a room for a third one in your heart," Brianna said and I smiled as I warped my arms around her. I gave her forehead a light kiss and watched as Mera looked surprised. She kept looking at the baby pump and then at us. She was surprised to some extents that I didn't know existed.

"Oh my god!" She said and then pulled me and Brianna for a hug. I smiled and kissed Brianna one more time and then Mera said, "You guys just made me the happiest. I will be a grandma?!"

I nodded and Brianna put her head on my chest as she pulled me close to her. She started doing that more often and it wasn't that I minded. I placed my hand on her stomach trying to assure the baby that I was there. I smiled at the thought. I was having a family of my own.

"Thanks Mera for everything you did for me and Malik over the days and taking care of me," my Brianna said. She wanted to thank her for both of us because she knew that I wouldn't really be able to thank her with words. The only one I can really form words with is Brainna because most of the time my heart was the one to talk. I would just let go of whatever I had to say.

"Aww! It is nothing really. You and Malik mean a lot to me and this little kid will be the best thing that will happen to both of you. Your love will blossom and keep it going," she said and kissed Brianna's forehead. I smiled at Brianna and then I thought about that night. The night that made me a dad. Damn, it was the best and I couldn't wait to have more of those with Brianna.

"Brainna, come here! You have Malik all the time but you don't have us," Grace called and Brianna blushed then went to her. She took Mera with her and then she introduced them. She always wore that smile that made me weak. I couldn't wait to have that baby in my arms. I would raise him up well. I would give him everything I never had but I would teach him how to protect his mother but if she was a girl, she will officially be a princess as her mother would be a sweet queen.

The queen of my heart that gave me something I never thought of having. A family to call my own. A child to call mine and hers.

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