"But bhai seriously, Khushi ji?? I mean u guys literally fight like tom and jerry..." Said Akash in a  surprising tone.

Arnav shrugged with a small smile playing on his lips.

"Hello hi bye bye!!" Mami muttered still in shock that Arnav fell for Phati saree.



Garima adjusted Payal's veil properly and wiped the corners of her eyes.

"I always wanted to see u decked up like a bride and look, devi maiyya granted my wish this soon!! I still can't believe that my Elder daughter is going to marry..." Said Garima as she hugged Payal from back.

"Saara pyar badi beti ko, choti waali ka kya?? (Shower all ur love to elder one, then what about the younger one??)" Asked Khushi leaning against the door with crossed arms.

"Tujhe tere haq ka pyaar tere shaadi ke din milega! (U will get ur share of love on ur wedding day!)" Garima teased her and applied a black dot behind payal's ear.

"Aaj hi meri shaadi karwaado phir! (Then get me married today itself!)" Khushi said and Garima smacked on her head.

"Pagli! Ab tak taiyyar kyon nahi hui?? (Crazy girl! Why aren't u ready yet?)" Payal asked looking at her.

"Shaadi hamari nahi tumhari hai... Hamein kahan zyada waqt lagne waala hai par tumhe toh jeeja ji ke hosh udaana hai na tumhari khoobsurati se! (Its ur wedding not mine... anyways I won't take a lot of time to get ready but u r set to blow jeeja ji's mind with ur beauty!)  " Khushi teased her.

"Besharam! (Shameless!)" Garima chided hitting her playfully.

"Ooo sankadevi!! Tumhri gaadi main break naam ki cheez hai ki nahi?? Kab se pattar pattar ki jarahi ho jaao jaake taiyyar ho!! (Oo sankadevi!! Don't u have breaks in ur car?? U r going on speaking, go and get ready!)" Said Buaji and all chuckled.

"Aap log neeche jaiye hum taiyyar hoke aur babuji lekar aate hai! (U guys go down, I'll bring babuji after getting ready!!)" Said Khushi softly.

"Khushi, r u fine??" Asked Payal concerned, noticing her smile not reaching her eyes.

"I am alright jiji, and everything will be alright soon!!" She said and left the room confusing her.

What did she meant by that?

Khushi walked towards her room with teary eyes and collided against Arnav.

"Carefull damnit!!" Said he balancing her.

"S....sorry!" She whispered not looking into his eyes.

He looked at her intently in and attempt to read her expressions.

"I... I have to go!" She whispered but he held her wrist stopping her right there.

"Whats wrong??" He asked bring her closer to him.

"Nothing's wrong Arnav ji!! I am just getting late!" Said She still not looking into his eyes.

"Khushi look at me!" He said raising her chin.

She looked up at him with tears brimming in her eyes which confused him.

"Tum ro kyon rahi ho?? (Why r u crying??)" He asked concerned.

Feeling touched at his concern , surprising him by Taking him in a sudden hug she mumbled "Hamein maaf kardijiye Arnav ji!!! Maaf kardijiye!! (Forgive me Arnav ji!! Plzz forgive me!!)"

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