Part 1

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"What? Don't look at me like that. I am not elder than u for nothing! I know u inside and out." Said Anjali cupping his cheek.

Arnav sighed and said "Don't u have any other work than teasing me?"

"U r so mean Chote!" Said Anjali with a pout.

Arnav smiled at her cute antics.

"Bhai don't u think u r smiling a lot nowadays?" Akash asked confused.

Arnav glared at him and Nani and Anjali chuckled.

"Woh kya hai na Akash jab kisiko pyaar hojata hai na toh hothon pe muskaan khud hi aajati hai! (Actually the thing is that Akash if someone falls in love a smile automatically blooms on their lips!!)" Said Anjali.

"What!!" Both Maami and Akaash exclaimed in surprise.

"Di!!" Arnav chided his ear turning into pink shade and she chuckled.

"Hello hi bye bye!! Kaun hai oo lucky girlwa? Hamri jaisan Khoobsurat hai ka?? (Hello hi bue bye!! Who is that kucky girl? Is she beautiful like me?)" She asked dramatically.

"No way!!!" Said Nani, Anjali and Arnav and then looked at each other.

"Haain.... How can u falls in love with ugly batakhwa  (Duckling)??" She asked with a shocked look.

"We actually meant that she is more beautiful than u maami!" Said Anjali trying to stifle her laughter.

"At least not a joker like u!!" Said Nani with a sarcastic smile.

All burst out laughing at Mami's offended look.

"Bhai at least reveal her name now!" Said Akaash excited.

"Guess to kariye?? (At least guess??)" Said Anjali.

"Traditional hai? (Is she traditional?)" He asked.

"Very much!!" Nani nodded with a smile and Arnav literally face palmed.

"Traditional girlwa... Arnav bitwa deewar se sar takradiye ka?? (Traditional girl, did u hit ur head on a wall Arnav bitwa?)" She asked in a surprising tone.

Anjali giggled silently and Arnav whispered "I won't spare u for this Di!"

"What have i done chote?" She asked battling her lashes innocently.

"Oh so someone is blushing huh??" She teased poking his red tinted ear.

"Happy go lucky girl?" He asked.

"Of course yes!! Jahan jaati hai wahan khushiyan hi khushiyan hoti hai! (Of course yes!! She spreads happiness wherever she goes!!)" Said Anjali with a smile.

"Then it's none other than, Khushi ji for sure!" Said Akash in an overjoyed tone.

"What the!!" Arnav blurted in surprise and Anjali clapped her hands in happiness.

"U r so smart Aakash!!"

"Hello hi bye bye!! Ek gupta sisterz ke saath another free... (Hello hi bye bye!! Another Gupta sister free with one...)" She said in a dramatic tone.

"Acha ji! That's why u were asking me those questions huh?" He asked with a sly smile as Arnav glared at her.

"Which type of question??" Anjali asked.


"Don't u dare!" He warned.

"No worries ur secret is safe with me bhai!" Akaash said and Anjali pouted sadly.

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