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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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 “Daniela! Stand up straight and smile.” My mom said to me. I groaned and stuck out my chest. Making a very cheesy and fake smile, I looked in the mirror in front of me. “So what do you think?” My mom asked.  

“I….. I look horrible.” I said and I meant it. We were at a fancy dress store in the mall looking for sweet sixteen dresses for me. Personally, I didn’t even want to have a sweet sixteen. It’s just a silly party celebrating another birthday. What’s so special about the number 16 anyway? My mom was just forcing me to have a sweet sixteen because when she was 16 she never had a one.

“What? No you don’t. You look beautiful, Daniela.” She said playing with the puffy part of the ridiculously cheesy pink dress she made my try on.

“Not even.” I said as I stepped down from the platform. “Do we really have to do this now?” I asked. Walking over to the fitting room, I slammed the door.

“Yes, we do. Your party is in five months and we need to get ready. You have to impress all your little friends and family.” My mom said through the door. I could tell she was pacing by the click of her high heels on the floor.

“Um, I don’t know if you were listening when I told you this like two years ago,” I said, and then murmured, “You usually don’t, but like I don’t really have too many friends because everyone thinks I’m a freak.” I said. I struggled out of the poof of a dress and as soon as it was off, I slipped on my jeans and laced up my converse.

“This party has to be perfect. It has to be the envy of the neighborhood.” My mom said, completely ignoring me as usual. I sighed and put on my t-shirt.

“Whatever. I’ll see ya later. I’m meeting the only real friends I have.” I said, knotting up my long auburn hair and grabbing my bag.

“Daniela, we have things to do for this party.” My mom said after me.

“You could do it yourself. You don’t listen to my opinion anyway.” I muttered, heading for the door.

“Daniela!” My mom shouted after me, but I was already out of the store. I headed down the escalator and to the food court where my friends, Emily andChadwere waiting for me.

“Hey pretty girl.”Chadand Emily said together as I pulled out a chair and brought it up to their table.

“Hey guys.” I sighed.

“What’s wrong this time?” Emily asked. She pushed a lose strand of her multi colored hair (that looks awesome on her, by the way) behind her ear. I grabbedChad’s soda and leaned back into the chair.

“My mom is going way overboard with this sweet sixteen thing.” I replied, taking a sip of the soda. Realizing it was orange, I put it back on the table.

“Come on Dani. You should have it. It’ll be fun.”Chadsaid. Then he snatched the soda back.

“I mean, it’s ok if we have a party, but not a big outrageous one like she’s planning.” I said.

“I think she’s going overboard with it because she never had one, and doesn’t want you to go through what she did.” Emily said. I thought about it for a moment.

“Um, that could be true, but she could also be trying to live out her dream of having one by using me.”

“Dani, you’re crazy.” Emily replied, playfully hitting me on the arm. “You need a drink. Let’s get some sodas sinceChadhere already has one.”

“Ok. We can also giveChadsome time alone to check out the ladies, you know.” I winked. Me and Emily giggled whileChadsmiled sarcastically.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny. You two out of all people know that I’m gay.” He said.

“Whatever.” Emily replied. She hooked her arm into mine as I got up.

We circled the food court, heading to my favorite food place, Nathan’s. The mall was a bit crowded considering it was Friday afternoon. Plus it was also summer, so I can see why.

“You hungry?” Emily asked, breaking my thought.

“Um, a little. I think I’ll just get a regular hot dog.” I said.

We walked up to order, right behind two really tall guys, both with serious bleached blonde hair. I overheard them discuss their orders from behind.

“Next.” The lady at the register called. The two guys were still taking and obviously didn’t hear the lady.

“Uh, excuse me, but you’re next.” I said. The shorter blonde guy turn around slightly and the moved up.

“You’re welcome.”  I said sarcastically, when they didn’t say thank you. They ordered and then moved away from the line to wait. “Geesh.” I murmured.

“I know right.” Emily said beside me.

The sound of someone clearing their throat behind me made me jump a little. I turned around the see the same blonde guy there. Man, was he hotter from the front.

“Thanks.” He said, flashing a small smile that made me melt inside. I watched him walk away and then turned back around to order. Just like that, he was in and out of my life. 

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