Chapter 88

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When I got home from DJ & Monique's house, the first thing I did was go to sleep. When I woke up, it was 11:30 p.m., which I thought was strange because when I went to sleep it was 11:30.

I checked my phone and saw that Monique & Blake had called me twenty-five times, DJ called twenty times, Jordan & Deshawn called me fifteen times and Jennifer called me ten times. I also had a bunch of text messages from them telling me to answer my phone.

What the hell is going on?

I called Monique back and she sounded either stressed or upset.

nique: oh my God Briana! where have you been?! we've been calling you!

me: what's going on?

nique: open your front door.

I left my room to open the door and

Monique & DJ rushed inside. I hung the phone up and put it in my pocket.

"What's going on?" I asked, confused as hell.

"What have you been doing? Why haven't you been answering your phone?" Monique asked.

"I just went to sleep for a few hours. What's the big deal?" I asked.

Monique & DJ looked at each other, then looked at me.

"Bri, you've been asleep for a day," DJ said.

That explains a lot.

"No. That's impossible," I said, "after I left y'all's house, I came here and went to sleep."

"Ashaunte called me and said you didn't go to work this morning, so I just assumed you didn't feel like going in, but when you didn't answer your phone or show up to the studio, I figured something was wrong," Monique said.

"That's why we were calling you so much," DJ said, "we thought something happened to you."

"I'm sorry y'all. I guess I was just really tired," I said.

"Just don't do that again," Monique said, hugging me, "you scared me."

"I won't."

She let me go and I went to take a shower. After I got out and put on clothes, I spent some time with them.


It's been a week since Blake & I broke up and I haven't been doing much. All I do is work and go straight home. Everyone is worried about me, but it's not like I'm suicidal; I would just rather be alone.

I was at the studio and we were waiting for all the kids parents to come get them so we could leave. While we waited, Monique & I started having a conversation.

"Bri, who am I supposed to sit with at the games now?" Monique asked.

"Brynn will be there sometimes. And you got Jada, Gloria, and Jamal's wife," I said.

"And, hypothetically speaking, what if all of them just so happen to not be there?" she asked.

"Take Jordan."

"Uh uh! I don't do basketball," Jordan said, walking past us.

"Okay," I laughed, "what about Jennifer?"

"I guess, but it won't be the same," she said, "can't you just come to the game tonight?"


"Pleeeease Bri," she begged, clinging to my arm.

"I can't. It would be too awkward. I'd rather just go home," I said.

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