"Hey, Josiah!" Ben called out as he encountered Josiah, beaming while encountering the demon in the hall.

Josiah smiled back, pleasantly surprised by the demon's presence. And luckily for Ben, Mo had wandered off to the bathroom, which meant she wouldn't be breathing down his neck for at least the next few minutes.

Josiah glanced at the hunter's weapon before meeting Ben's gaze. His smiled widened slightly, if only to not give away any form of judgment. "That looks... menacing," he pointed out playfully, trying not to think too much about it.

"Oh, this?" Ben asked, raising his crossbow slightly. He chuckled, nodding his head. "You're not afraid, are you?"

"Should I be?"

Ben shook his head slowly, narrowing his eyes before flashing a half-smirk. He couldn't quite decipher whether the demon was truly that laid-back or just foolish. Perhaps it was a blissful combination.

"So, how are you?" Josiah asked suddenly, looking up at the human, surprisingly shorter than the human despite its rarity. Ben had taken notice already, of course, gleefully intrigued by the irony. For a demon, Josiah was quite... frail.

It shouldn't have intrigued Ben as much as it did.

"Nervous, it being my first day and all. And you?"

"Tired," Josiah replied while glancing around. He almost expected to bump into Noah as he usually did, but the other human was nowhere in sight. "Eager for the day to be over so I can go back to sleep."

"Well, come on, then," Ben replied before pulling him by the arm, coaxing him to follow. "We have next class together, right?"

"We do."

"Good, lead the way."

Josiah rolled his eyes as Ben dragged them in the right direction, clearly not needing a guide to get around. Still, Josiah complied because he knew it probably had more to do with Ben not wanting to go to the locker rooms alone, without someone to help him avoid anger from demons like Asher.

"Huh?" Josiah muttered as the human let go of ben's arm and grabbed onto his hand instead, gripping it comfortably. Ben didn't even seem fazed by the change, yet Josiah peered at him curiously.

"What?" Ben asked.

"N—nothing," Josiah breathed while following along, trying not to trip.


Noah rolled his eyes, avoiding Bryce's intense gaze as they walked out of class. He could already feel the words coming out of the demon's mouth and he honestly didn't want to hear them. But of course, Bryce shared them anyways.

"So now you're a social butterfly?" Bryce asked sarcastically.

"I was asking for help," Noah replied, deadpanning. "Am I not allowed?"

Bryce shrugged, huffing under his breath as if it wasn't a big deal, even when it clearly was to him. "I could've helped."

Noah turned to glare at Bryce, shaking his head in disbelief. "I'm just doing what I came here to do Bryce. Why are you riding my damn ass about it?"

Bryce glowered at the nosy students around them, the ones slowing their pace enough to witness the argument. It was irritating. Bryce pointed towards the exit, giving a single warning.

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