3 - Strawberry Moans

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It was finally the end of my shift and I didn't see Christopher around after our small conversation. The club at 6am was practically empty, some people were sitting on the bar chairs with their head on the table, others talking about something, and some girls trying to walk their way out the front door.

I looked around the club and didn’t see him around but my eye did catch Andre. He was talking to one of the girls who danced on stage. I'm guessing he wants her number, or a one night stand. I exited the bar and carefully walked towards him.

Him being in a gang I still didn't fully trust him, you never know how they will react. As I got closer to him Andre turned towards me giving me a questioned look.

"What's up Mia?"

"Have you seen Christopher? Because if he went home I'm going to go home too." I said, explaining to him.

He scrunched his eyebrows looking up a little bit, "Hm, I haven't seen him here for the past hour. He probably forgot and went home with some bimbo."

I nodded my head feeling the sadness deep down in my stomach, "Thanks." I whispered.

I turned my back towards him and walked away, did he really just ditch me for some slut? He is a total player of course he would ditch me, look at me I’m probably the most average girl in here. I grabbed my bag in my locker that I was provided with in the beginning of the job and walked my way towards the exit door.

When I opened the door it was really nice outside, a perfect weather for a picnic or maybe going to the beach. When I was little my grandmother would take me to the beach and we would stay there all day. While she would sit on her green beach chair I would be next to the water running away from the ocean waves.

I remember one time I went inside of the ocean water, till it was to my hips and I saw something dark swimming above the water. There was a man with his 5 year old son behind me pointing at it. I remember almost shitting my pants as I ran away from the water. Once I was out of the water I looked at what I thought was a shark but in reality it was just a seal. Still, in the end I walked back towards my grandmother and told her what happened. She laughed and me and gave me a ham sandwich.

My mom was never the type to be a good mother, I remember her telling me that the reason she had me was because that’s what society wants from a woman and she did her job. I never had problem with it because I liked being independent and being able to do what I want. Me and my mom had a discussion when I graduated high school and it had to do with her and my dad traveling. I knew it was my mom's dream. I agreed of course and told her to follow her dream….as long as she sends me money for my food.

I felt a large cold hand grab my elbow and pull me towards their side. I gasped and looked up to see Christopher, "I thought you left." I said.

"I went to grab a smoke over there and deal with some business." he said, his breath smelled like cigarettes. I removed my arm from his grasp, "Sorry," he mumbled, "Are you ready to go?"


"My car is just across the street, come on." he said walking towards the road. I quickly followed him, trying to catch up with his long strides.

He walked towards the passenger's side and opened the door for him, I said a quick thanks and hopped in. Quickly, I put on the seatbelt and placed my bag between my legs.

He chuckled at me as he got in, "You wear a seatbelt?"

"It's for safety. I don't want to fly out the window when something happens." I mumbled making my seatbelt tighter.

"Don't worry you're always safe with me." he said, gripping the steering wheel of his range rover.

After a quiet ride towards he iHop dinner place we finally got there and Christopher parked it next a tree that gave a nice shade. We both stepped out and I grabbed my purse. When we entered the place a few large man waved to Christopher and he would just nod his head at them.

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