Chapter 9:[Filler]The Moon and The Star.

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-A day after they went to a "date" (kind of)-

Sumire POV

I woke up and got dressed. 2 days ago,I was almost assassinated by the brother off my father's test subject. Before the Assassin have another chance, I decide to quit my job as someone in the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team and become a shinobi again. I can still do basic jutsu, but my skills have dulled over the years.

I couldn't stop thinking about him. I know it's bad to obsess over someone this way, but I can't help it! He's so.. so.. so... so awesome! Maybe it's me he's talking about. But, I'm not close to him. 

Anyway, after I finished talking to my boss and The Seventh, I went to look for my old teammates. I found them practicing in the woods. 

"They've improved so much." I muttered to myself, feeling slightly down. 

"Sumire?" A voice asked. I turned around to see a girl in green, cat ears and tails out. 

"Wasabi!" I hugged her and called Namida, I hugged her too. Then, she asked. "What are you doing here?" I explained the whole thing to them. 

", I was hoping you can teach me a few things." Wasabi laughed and slung her arm over mines.

Normal POV

Sumir started her training by throwing shuriken on a target. There was no improvement. She was always hitting the sides, no the middle point. Her friends have left, saying they need to do their chores. 

"Sometimes, if you aim too much ,you lose concentration." Turning 'round, she noticed a man with light blue hair, pale white skin and yellow eyes watching her, a smile plastered on his face. 

"M-mitsuki! Since when?" 

"A few minutes ago. Say, want me to teach you how to shoot?"

"Yeah, sure. I'd be glad too." Sumire replied, trying to sound confident. He took a step towards her and positoned him self behind her. He grabbed her hands gently.

"First, grip the shuriken firmly between your index finger and thumb. Then, 'load' the shuriken next to your ear. Pull your arm sharply down and aim at the center. Throw the shuriken towards the target, snapping your wrist to give it a spin." He proceeded to touch her hands and show her. By the time he finished, Sumire was shaking, with a full blush on her face. 

"Sumire? Are you-"

"I'm fine. i'm fine. Like, this?" She threw the star dead in the center. He nodded.

" As thank you, would you......... go out with me tomorrow evening?"Sumire asked him.

Mitsuki muttered a very quiet 'yes', a slight tint of red on his face. "See you later, then." And left

"Y-yeah. S-see you later." Sumire stuttered, watching the man from his back.

Yesss. Finally done. This took ages to done, and finally it's done. As you always know, the next chapter gonna be continuing BoruSara storyline. But, there will be also a suprise in next chapter. If you want to know about it, stay tuned for more or just follow me. As always, blablablabla vote blablabla share blablabla idea blablablabla comment. Till we meet again, nextshinobi out.
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I found up that there are also MitsuSara fans out there. To all of MitsuSara fans out there, thank to me for destroying your ship. And yeah, Mitsuki also ship BoruSara 👇

 And yeah, Mitsuki also ship BoruSara 👇

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