Chapter 2

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"Oniee-chan why are you here? " Y/N said in a confused tone. "Because I took the entrance exam idiot. How did you even get here?" Kacchan exclaimed.

"Promise you won't yell..." " Fine just tell me." said Kacchan.
"I got in through recommendations." I said to the shocked boy.
"How the fuck did you that?"

Soon after a man looking caterpillar thing walked in "It took you 8 seconds to shut up". We all day in our seats, I sat near a window in the back of the class. "I am your teacher Mr.Aizawa." He said while pulling blue uniforms out of his sleeping bag. "Out these on and meet me outside."

     Time skip to lunch

I get up and get Kacchan "lunch?" I ask him. With a nod, he got up. Before we could exit the classroom we where stoped by a boy with green hair, green eyes, and four freckles on each cheek.

"Hi um I'm." Before the boy could finish Kacchan cut in.
" your a fucking loser that's what. " he yelled at the helpless boy.
"And your a fucking dick Kacchan, now be a good boy and let him finish." I tell him.

"What ever in out, meet you at lunch" he said while walking away. Looking back at the boy I said "let's have lunch together. Me you and kacchan." " a-are you sure Kacchan will be okay with it? " he said in a scared voice. "Who cares what that tuawaa thinks." Then I hear Kacchan yelling from down the hall, " WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU CALL ME. " " I CALLED YOU A FUCKING  TUAWAA. " I yelled back. Walking to the cafeteria I say to the frightened boy "so I never did get your name, what is it?"
Jumping at the sound of my voice he said "oh my name is Izuku Midoriya."

As we walk into the cafeteria I see Kacchan in a fighting stance.
"Can we please not fight in our first day." I sighed.

---Time skip because I'm not good at fighting scenes ---

After a minute or two we stop fighting getting our lunch and sitting down. Looking at Izuku I see a sparkle in his eye. "Please tell me about your quirk!"

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