Betrayed Love (+18 warning)

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I slowly came to my senses, firstly noticing that I was in Bethany's bedroom. Shortly after noticing this, the searing pain of being kicked in the face settled in and I began to scream out in pain.

The door to the side of me swung open and Bethany stomped in angrily. She slammed the door shut behind her before briskly walking over to me and straddling my waist.

Bethany: and to think the night was going so well...Then you had the nerve to go and fuck it all over like that!?

She harshly slapped me across the face, jolting my head to the side.

Bethany: I thought I could trust you to just stay calm and to not run off like that! But it seems being nice isn't the way to getting you to love me, is it?

She grinned as she suddenly leaned in close to my face.

Bethany: this is gonna hurt me a lot more than it's gonna hurt you my dear...

She kissed my lips before getting up and off the bed. She walked towards one of the cupboards and she opened it up to reveal a strange assortment of different kind of torture weapons and devices.

She pulled out a collar and a bat out before shutting the doors to the cupboard and walking back over. She straddled my waist again before clipping the collar into place around my neck.

She placed the bat down on the floor before pulling a small button out of her back pocket.

Bethany: I'm sure you know how a shock collar works by now...if you misbehave in the slightest, you get a shock..

I slowly nodded as she explained this. I then felt a sudden pain in my neck as the collar began to shock me. I grabbed it, trying to pry it off while screaming in pain.

Bethany was chuckling sickly to her self the whole time. She had a look of pure euphoria all while I was screaming and crying out in pain.

The collar stopped shocking me and I began to pant heavily while tears streamed down my cheeks.

Bethany: that's for not answering me...we'll try that again shall we? I'm sure you know how a shock collar works, right dear?

I quickly answered her as to not receive the harsh treatment I had just suffered.

(Y/n): y-yes b-Bethany!

She smirked.

Bethany: I think Id prefer it if you called me "Mistress"

(Y/n): y-yes mistress...

Bethany grinned to her self before standing up and dragging me off the bed and on to my feet.

She then quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of her room and down the hallway towards the living room.

I could hear the faint sound of someone screaming but I wasn't particularly sure who it was.

Bethany: now then, when we get to the living room, you're gonna apologise to my parents for the way you acted, got it?

(Y/n): yes m-mistress...

Bethany: good boy! Oh! And also, they're taking us and Ryan's little "toy" out for a bit of a holiday tomorrow so you best be on good behaviour!

(Y/n): I-I will do m-mistress...

Bethany smiled happily before we eventually made it to the living room. The faint screaming was coming from the kitchen however Linda, Caroline and Barry where all in the living room meaning Ryan was in there with someone...

Linda and Caroline looked up at me with their eyes brows raised, expecting me to do something.

I bowed slightly before quickly making some half assed apology up in my head.

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