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Hoseok turned around to the raspy familiar voice,  the taller looked at him with surprise as well. The two never expected to see each other, out of all places it had to be at La Prince? Hoseok tried to smile at him though he knew Namjoon wasn't really happy to see him intruding the room.

"Principe, what are you doing here?"
Hoseok was dumbfounded when Namjoon called him that, not that he didn't understand but he was confused why would the man would call him a prince? Namjoon soon realised that Hoseok was shock to his question, he apologized and asked again but without the nickname. Hoseok couldn't help but giggled to the male's adorableness when he gets frustrated.

"Nothing, I was just walking around until..well, here I am. Beautiful, right?" Hoseok looks back into the paintings with a light smile, Namjoon watches him with a warm heart but on the other hand he was worried if anyone would knew about Hoseok trespassing the room.

"Si, but we shouldn't be here.."
Hoseok turns around with a soft oh from his mouth, he was a bit sadden to leave but judging by the looks on Namjoon's face told him that they should get out. He nods and follows the taller to the door, there was still no one around. He knew he had been in there for a long time but it only felt like seconds to admire his discovery.

"Why aren't those art work been shown to public,  the guests of the hotel must love them as I do!" Hoseok looks a Namjoon who lead him back to Taehyung's office. He didn't say anything which made their walk fell into silence. As they reached the office, Namjoon stopped and turned around to face the smaller male.

"It's because Mr. Kim called them his memories."

"Memories, of who?"

"His lover."

"He has a lover?"
Hoseok's eyes widen, not that he's interested but  he was surprised that someone like the arrogant Kim Taehyung actually has a secret lover! Namjoon nods as he help openned the door, Hoseok entered calmly as Taehyung wasn't in the room. He sighed in relief.

"You'll know sooner or later, Hoseok."
He closed the door leaving Hoseok in confusion, everyone here is definitely acting weird. They seem to keep secrets from him but not in shady way or anything. He was just worried if they'll do anything illegal, he'll be involved too but it might likely be impossible since Taehyung got a famous name, it would be a shame if a respected man like him to deal with drugs.

Hoseok didn't know what to do he felt bored he laid down on the grey leather sofa with his hand fuming through his phone. It was soon later he didn't realised that he fell asleep while waiting for Taehyung. Nothing disturbed him, not a sound nor anything.

The wooden door creaked as Taehyung openned it, he noticed Hoseok was sound asleep on the sofa. He couldn't help but smile to the adorable scene right before him. He got closer, trying his best not to make any sound. Just by looking at the elder's face made him think what sin he had done to hurt someone he truly loved. Surely, he definitely got his redemption, Hoseok doesn't remember him for one bit.

He played with the thin parts of Hoseok's hair with his slender fingers, he admired every inch of him. Couldn't fade away those past memories of them together, if only he could just voice out but he was afraid Hoseok might be scared of him. The main thought of the male might leave him scares him and he wouldn't let that happen.

Hoseok felt an odd touch along his head, someone was stroking his head gently yet so lovingly. He opened up his eyes, those shining pupils met with another. The two didn't know what to react nor say anything, like time froze right before their noses.

Taehyung quickly backs away making Hoseok's face to have tint of blush but he didn't like the feeling. The only thing he wanted to say this male in front of him might be a pervert! Disgusting enough, they had to live under the same roof.

"if you ever of that again, I swear I'll kill you Kim Taehyung!" Hoseok was indeed annoyed, he didn't like people bothering his naps. He quickly got onto his feet with ears all red for no reason. Taehyung looked at him speechless, he never seen Hoseok get mad at him, not even once! Has his amnesia turned his personality too?

"are you done with work yet? I wanna go home." Hoseok said as he pouted, he couldn't stand being cramped in the office. Not that he hates it, just that he feels a bit trapped all he wanted was to have his own tour around the building but sadly that so called someone wouldn't allow him.

"alright alright, we're going home."
Taehyung scratches his head with disbelief, Hoseok hasn't just got mad at him but he also have a weird mood swing. He felt the guilt running into his heart, his lover won't act the same as they did like before. Things changed..

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