Happy Birthday~

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I woke up, and the room was bright. I went to the door, but it wouldn't open. I tried it again. Hmm.. I could kick the door down. I backed up, and saw a note. In Katsuki's angry, but neat handwriting. You besta stay in here, Yanagi. I'm keeping guard, and I can stop you. We've got things going on out here that you don't need to know about. So stay in here. We'll send you food and whatnot. Your Dude Friend, Katsuki. I chuckled. He knew I don't like calling them just 'friends', so I call them Dude Friends. I call the girls Girlfriends, cuz.. Why not? Anyway, I sat on my bed, and started reading. I hummed a tuneless song, and paced. I sighed, and banged on my door. "I WANT FOOOOOODDD!!" I cried. No one came. "PLEASE?" I called. I slammed my fists on the door. "PLEASE I HAVE NO FOOD IN HERE!! I AM SO THIRSTY, SO HUNGRY!!" I screamed. "FEEEEDDDD MEEEEEEE!!!" I screamed. The door opened, and I heard laughter. Katsuki threw a pack of 12 plastic water bottles into the room, and a trash bag. I looked in the bag. FOOD!! I sifted through it, and I found chocolate. I ate it, and drank some water. The door opened again, and I looked up. It was Katsuki. "It's my shift." He said. "Shift?" I asked. "We will all come in here, spend about ten minutes each hanging out with you, and making sure you don't try and sneak a peek." He said. "Cool..?" I sighed, and fell onto my bed. I opened a bag of chips, and ate them. I picked up my phone, and looked through social media. "I didn't come prepared, because I didn't know we were doing this.." Katsuki sighed, and laid on the floor. "Just lay down and watch TV or something." I said, and liked a post of a girl and her kitten. I had a headache, so I drank some water. I decided to watch TV. I brought my knees up, and watched a horror film. I flinched at some of the gory scenes. "Well, my shift is over!" He said, and left. He was quickly replaced by Sero. "HEY!" he called, entering. I glanced at him. "I have an idea.." I said.

~Ten minutes later~

"That should do.." Sero said, looking  up at me. I laughed. I asked him to tape me to the ceiling. And he did. "Well, my shift is over. Bye!" He called. My arms were free. "Have fun, dude." I heard Sero say as he left. Shouto came in, and looked around. "Hello, down there." I said, and he looked up. He looked utterly disgusted. I burst out in laughter. In the process, I dropped my phone. I used my telekinesis, hand version, to pick it up. "At least we know you won't leave." He said. "I need to pee." I said. He shrugged. "I NEED TO PEE!!" I cried. He snickered. "IMA PEE MYSELF! SERO!!! HELP MEEEE!!" I screamed. He came in, and couldn't stop laughing he cut me down. I held him up with the ground. I fell, and hit the ground. I popped up, and ran to the bathroom. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and came out. Shouto was digging though my food. "OI! GET OUTTA THERE!" I screamed, and he jerked away from the bag, and jumped onto the bed. "Hey there, Yanagi!" He said. Silence. Then we both started laughing. Then the next thing I knew, I was blindfolded, and brought into a room. The blindfold was removed, and I saw.. Birthday decorations, a cake, ice cream, and presents. "OH MY GOODNESS!" I gasped, as everyone popped out of nowhere. "Happy Birthday~!" They all shouted. I laughed, and was ushered to the table. As we had cake, I opened my presents. "Ooh. Dumbbells." I smiled. Kirishima winked at me. "Very manly, bro." I said, and he grinned. I found all of Momo's presents, and opened those. New headphones. A giant stuffed bat, one I had wanted for awhile. Giant fluffy blankets. All my favorite things. Katsuki got me a plushy of a bat, which was so cute. Izuku got me a poster of BTS. Shouto got me an Eraserhead exclusive poster. Then the last one was from everyone. I opened it. It was.. I gasped. It was a insulated suit, like the one I wore for my hero costume, but it had Elemental Fury printed on the back, and had the elements all over it. A waterfall spilled from my neckline down to my waist, then split off into a lava lake on my legs. It trailed down my shoulders, and trees twisted all around my arms. Branches spread out on my fingers. Clouds were intertwined between everything. It had a hole in the lower back and inbetween my shoulders for my Demon wings and tail. It was my dream suit. Also boots! They were short, but I loved them. Pure black, but they had white laces, and they had Elemental Fury printed on both sides. It was my favorite move, but I rarely used it. I used it once. I wiped tears from my eyes. I hugged everyone in turn. "It's amazing! Thank you so much!" I said. They all smiled.

"Happy Birthday, Yanagi!"


Sooo, I am trying to provide a picture of her hero suit, but I cannot draw for MY LIFE! So, just deal with this awful description of it for now. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this. It was mostly a filler, but hey, it's a chapter. 

Ciao, Adios, Sayonara,


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