Chapter 29

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Mind Games

A/N: I am going to try and make each chapter as interesting as possible. It's been pretty hard as we have been getting to the end of the book.

***I DECIDED I AM NOT GOING TO WRITE A SEQUEL. Before you scream and get mad let me explain. I feel this book has a great plot and I don't want to ruin in by dragging it out too long. I will be writing other books so follow me to see what I publish after this book is over. It isn't going to be over for a couple chapters though so don't get worried.***

Lilly's POV:

         I realized this "leader" had the exact same attitude as the people who were brain washed had portrayed. Not only did he use his own personality to inject into these people but he made them become him. If that makes any sense.  Thinkimg about this made me understand how to break all of them at once. If they all were truly tied to his emotions, all I had to do was break him down to break everyone else down. Unless I could find another way. Something in common in how to break down the spies.

         "What are you waiting for. Come at us." I smirked as the spies rushed towards us. Everyone was in combat and -figures- I got stuck with Mr. Brainwash himself. "So, who drove you off this ledge? I know you didn't turn out this way for no reason. What is Tough Guy's problem with the good guys?"I spat as we stood there planning the attack. He went to pull my feet out, to throw me on my back but I saw it coming. He caught one foot which I used to boost myself up to kick him in the face and gracefully land back on my feet. "Damn, I'm good." I said watching the man stumble for less than a second, keeping his poker face on the entire time.

         "What is it to you?" He asked, referring to my previous question. By now my heart was racing with adrenaline.  I could barely breathe. It felt like it would if you saw a car ,full speed, heading your direction, but knowing it is too late to move or save yourself. "No reason just wondering." I said as we went to combat. He pushed me hard against a wall. I should've known I had no chance fighting this guy or any of them but I had to try. I kneed him as hard as I could in a place guys should not be kneed. He backed away trying to keep his composer, but miserably failing. As he leaned I went to kick him in the knees to lead him to the ground, but someone else grabbed me, spinning me around. "Don't you know not to kick a man while he's down." the voice hissed before punching me square in the jaw, the way only one person I knew punched. My mother.

      "Don't you realize what is right and what is wrong? Don't you remember the pain you went through when dad 'died', nevermind that, when he came back?" grief struck her face for less that a second, it surly wasn't enough to turn her back. During this whole conversation we were in a fierce fight mode. I was just about to get an answer before she smirked and threw me back in a certain someone I was trying to avoid, the one who I caused to loose his balls.

        They both started tourturing me. Hit to the stomach. Block. Kick to the knee. Everytime I managed to escape something, the other would manage to break me in half. I fell to my knees and quickly tried to get up. It was too much. Everyone around me was still fighting their asses off and I had no help. I had to fix the problem by myself. I rose to my feet with the anger screaming out of my eyes. "You change them back!" I yelled before jumping at Humbucio. I kicked behind me hitting someone swiftly in the stomach before I attemped to stop him once and for all. I felt a hand pull me away before I could do anything.

        My mother was back up. "You know, you were always the mistake, Lilly." she said before whipping out a gun and pointing it to my head. "Not again." I said before removing the gun from her hand and kicking it far away to where no one was. I will not be on the verge of death by my own parents again. The words did sting for a moment, but I prepared myself to face this when I first found out my father went rogue.  "You bit-" I heard Humbucio start but never finished. I looked back to see John tackled him to the floor before he could reach me. His arm was wrapped, but he looked pretty capable. Must be the adrenaline. 

       "You know mom you always were there for me, but I guess you got what you wanted. To be with dad whether you were good or bad. Before you couldn't even stand being in the same room with him. Glad to know you two made up. By the way, I know about you and Falcetta. Happy? Well you should be because after this I will probably be dead and never see you again ever and I did it all just to save you." I spit as she proceesed everything I said. Her eyes gleamed and twinkled for a moment before she looked up at me. We stared eye to eye and I could see her eyes start to water and I knew I broke the walls. "I, I, how did you know about-" she said as the guilt took her over. "Just a guess, but I knew you were brainwashed into doing everything he told you so having an affair with him was probably what was going to happen sooner or later." I said my eyes searching across the room.

      I ran over to where John was fighting with Falcetta Humbucio. I ran right to the front of him and kicked the asshole right in the head. He didn't dare force my mom to do things she didn't want to. He went out like a light. "Thanks." John said huffing and puffing. "Thank me later, we have bigger problems. Is your arm alright?" I asked as I noticed the enemy team were starting to pull out weapons. "Yeah let's just figure out how to beat them." he said. "I already know." I said swiftly.

        "Everyone in here has someone they love in there life. I realized everyone breaks when they hear or see something that reminds them of someone they love deeply. So we have to remind them of love somehow." I said to John and my mother as we helped everyone try to fight off these people. They were like zombies. They just didn't stay down. John then shot across the room and pulled Kaitie away from the person she was fighting spinning her into a kiss. The agents watching stopped for a minute before getting angry and going to fight again.

        I then realized the problem. It was not romantic in any way. It was purly out of fear. "Mom, they think you're one of them still so convince them to stop what they are doing for a moment to look in my direction. Then I have a plan." I stated and I think she caught onto what I was going to do. I ran over to where Jake was. He just finished his opponent off. I gave my mother the signal before turning to Jake. "I'm sorry." I said before smashing my lips into his. He knew what I meant by that. He knew I was sorry for our fight. He intensified the kiss and pulled me closer. I could feel eyes staring intently at us. I made a slight move to pull away, but he only pulled me tighter to him and deepened the kiss a little more before finally pulling away. As soon as I had enough air to stand straight, I looked around to all the spies, they're eyes twinkled and suddenly they recalled all they're misdoings.

        I watched as they all looked around to each other and caught a glimpse of my mom and dad kissing but that was something I didn't need to see. I watched as Humbucio got up with anger building to the roof. "You! You ruined everything!" He said before launching at me with a knife planted in his hands. Before I knew what I was doing a scraped the gun off the floor and shot him.

       He fell instantaneously and didn't move. I felt nauseous and couldn't breathe. A lump was building in my throat as I realized what I had just done. I was a monster.


A/N: So how did you like the chapter? I tried to open my writing a little more, crossing some lines I was nervous to cross before but now it feels good. ***In the last chapter of the book I will be releasing the title to the next book I will be writing and the date it comes out!!!***

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