A Message from Sonakshisrivastava

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I came across Poets Pub back in 2015, when it had just started out. I was intrigued by the atmosphere around the pub. Everyone was so welcoming, so kind and so encouraging. I can proudly say that I consider the Pub my poetry alma mater. It is here that I got to explore my poetic side. It is here that I got a platform to share my poetry with the world without any judgements. All the support and feedback I got here has helped me a lot. The will to write, the will to compete - all credit goes to the Pub.

When I was offered to be an assistant to Bill and Myna a couple years back, I was ecstatic! I could finally give back to Pub in my own way. Slowly and steadily, I saw them take this place to a whole new level, and I was proud to be a witness and an accomplice to that. I hope I live up to those expectations Bill and Myna, because you both have been my mentors and I can't be more grateful to you both for that. Thank you for believing in me.

It was Bill's dream to see Poets Pub expand, and I provided my help in bringing up Poets Pub India. Although it fizzled out later due to various reasons, I'm glad it's back in action. This time, the fire won't die down. I want the Pub to reach everyone, because I want everyone to be benefitted by it, just like I was.

I'm short of words to explain how much the Pub and its people mean to me. From having found guides to having found friends, this place has become my family and a second home. All those times I was discouraged and felt like leaving Wattpad or even poetry, Poets Pub held me through. I'm sure it will continue to do so in future too.

Happy 4th Anniversary Poets Pub! May this happiness return every year, and may more poets become part of this family.

Loads of love, always


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