bts || jungkook

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Plot: you and jungkook have been dating for 1 year now and you decided to take things to the next level.

you are at the kitchen making breakfast when you felt someone back hugging your waist and whispered in your ear saying to let him make the breakfast... you nodded and sat on the counter table beside the stove and waited....

you turned the stove off and jungkook looked at you with a confused face... you grab his arm and pulled him in front of you and stared at his lips... He saw it and kiss you, you lean onto him and started sucking his neck and heard him groan softly you giggled and kissed him again he grab your legs as he brought you to the room, he put you on the bed and took out your shirt, he sucked your neck making you moan...

He took your undergarments off and his boxers off, he slowly slid into you he did it in a steady pace you told him to go faster and he did leaving both of you in your highs.... you both lied on the bed exhausted as he ask why out of a sudden and you just said "Saranghaeyo".......


guys sorry if this imagine is short but i hope you guys like it... i do request now so if you want to request for any storyline just comment in the following order


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