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Cast: Manu Rios (cos why ducking not!)

Full name: Maurice Poseidon Greene

Kin: Charles Greene, Catherine Greene, Chester Greene.

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Race: Lebanese-English.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue -- turquoise or cerulean, depends on mood, season etc

Skin: Pale..white..alabaster..

Height: 6"2 inches.

Weight: ...

Stature: Fucking slim, like almost skeletonic. Tall too. Basically, a stringbean.

Sexuality: I rly have no idea lol. Maybe pan too..?

Preferences: Long walks to the beach (corny, I know), solitude and abject loneliness, color black, cars, history, YouTube, Mariah Carey, banana flavored anything -- even shit.

Peeves: Long drives to the therapist's, longer drives to the dentist's, avocados, loud people, Rihanna, the human race, Wattpad, r@pe and anything assault -- who does anyways?.

Future ambition: Talk show host...............

Traits: Bashful, close-minded, antisocial, Donald Trump supporter, misanthropic, acrophobic, can't throw a punch to save his life.

Quote: I hate you, the reader. Yes, YOU. Burn in hell.

 Burn in hell

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