Reaching Sam Wilson's place was a breath of fresh air for Steve. To be able to sit, and eat and not worry  about being followed was refreshing. They arrived early in the day, and spent a long while formulating a plan going forward.

Now, several hours had passed and Steve was alone with his thoughts. Well, almost alone.

Sam had gone out for groceries, but Isadora sat on the couch beside him, still in her dark blue scrubs, knees tucked up to her chest and her laptop open in front of her. Natasha had fiddled with the settings earlier before going to have a nap, allowing the doctor to send emails without disclosing their location. It seemed that when Doctor Moore had access to a job to do, she wouldn't rest until it was finished.

The news played in the background, a light hearted segment about agriculture. It seemed trivial. He turned to glance at the doctor beside him, who still hadn't taken her eyes off of the screen, typing at an alarming rate. She slept for the whole journey here, explaining once she woke that the sleep was a burnout from not having used her power for so long. Steve wondered how her brain didn't suffer burnout as well as her body, considering how hard she worked.

"Do you ever relax?" He blurted, and she paused to look at him. Her curls were pulled into a high and voluminous bun, and she huffed to blow away a stray hair that fell in her eyes. "You've been at it forever. You deserve a break."

Isadora glanced up at the clock, as if she hadn't realised that it was almost dark. She shrugged. "I worked longer in med school. And I've gotta fill in my Chief Resident on all the stuff that needs to be done. The Presbyterian is a hell of a big hospital, with a hell of a lot of patients."

"What did you tell them?" He asked her, curiously.

"That I had a family emergency that required me to leave the city."

"What did you tell your family?"

Isadora simply didn't answer, changing the subject and smiling widely. "Well, I've got Adrianne but she works at the hospital as well. She's my homegirl, we went to med school together, and we went abroad too- you heard of Doctors Without Borders? We were medics in Afghanistan and she always had my back. Even when I got this... power."

Steve noticed the avoidance of the topic of family, but didn't push for it. "It's really surprising that you don't utilise it. This mimicry business, you could do literally anything you wanted to do."

"Not anything," Isadora corrected. "I couldn't be super-soldier like you. Maybe I could mimic some of that strength, but the mimicry is always a paler version of the original skill. Plus I have no idea how to fight anyway, so how would I use it?"

Steve pondered what she said, wondering about their mission tomorrow. The plan had been to leave Sadie here as they pursued Jasper Sitwell, one of HYDRA's own moles. But he supposed it wouldn't hurt for her to learn a little, if it meant she would be safer when left alone.

"I could teach you," he found himself standing, and offering her his hand. She looked at him, calculating. "It's about time you took a rest from that screen. They're not good for your eyes, you know."

"That's why I've got these," Isadora laughed, tapping on her elegant horn rimmed glasses. "But seriously, here? It's not really practical."

"Then, let's take a drive," Steve shrugged. He was really pushing his luck here, but it was for her own good. "I'm sure there's a field or something around here somewhere. We can leave a note."

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