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Steve couldn't believe how quickly Isadora healed him. It was quicker even than his own enhanced healing. Honestly, he would rather the dark haired doctor not be here at all, and leave him to heal on his own, however long it took- but once Natasha had heard the voicemail on his phone, there was no changing her mind.

So now, here they were.

The heat of Isadora's power enveloped the damage to his body like hot water, easing and soothing the pain as she worked. It felt like bleeding in reverse, like his body being stitched back together.

He caught Natasha's eye from where she sat in the driver's seat as he lay there, and she smirked at him through the mirror, raising an eyebrow as if to say: what about this one? She'd been bugging him for weeks about finding a date, and while it was all in good spirit, he was starting to get tired of it.

"So if you can heal people," Natasha started. "Why didn't you just use those powers at work? Why did you hide them?"

"Because I'm the anomaly," Isadora replied, still not breaking concentration. Steve stared out of the window, his seat reclined as trees whizzed past. "I've not been tried and tested. And I've certainly not been clinically approved. I wanted to be a doctor, not a superhero. No offence."

"None taken," Steve chuckled. It didn't hurt to laugh anymore. Then he felt a pat on his stomach as Isadora finally sat back, telling him she was finished. He sat up, marvelling at how easy the manoeuvre was. Just half an hour ago it hurt move, and now...

This woman had been his doctor for two years, conducting test after test, pushing his body to its limits, and he had never suspected a thing. It made him feel quite unintelligent.

"Thank you," he said, before realising Isadora's head rested against the window now, her eyes closed as she breathed deeply.

"Well, she's out," Natasha said, turning up the radio slightly, but not loud enough to wake their sleeping guest, and tapped her hand against the steering wheel.

"Turn that off," he said, and she rolled her eyes. The song that played was his least favourite kind- all computer sound effects and distorted vocals. There were plenty of things he missed about his own time, and music with real instruments was one of them.

"Alright, grandpa," Natasha teased. "So what do we do now? Are we keeping your little friend?"

"SHIELD knew I was withholding information from them just from my speech," Steve reasoned. "I'm pretty certain they'll realise she's doctored those papers, and then go after her as well. She's safer with us."

"But are we safer with her?" Natasha asked him. "How do we know she can be trusted?"

"You're the one who brought her here."

"Yeah but we could just dump her back at the station," the agent beside him smirked, and he shook his head at her frank sense of humour, but couldn't stop his smile.

"She's risked her entire career for this," Steve explained. "I know her. She never worked for SHIELD, she was just their Rent-A-Doc. But she's good, and if I'm wrong, we'll handle it."

"Good, huh?" Natasha repeated. "Well, I hope you're right."

The rest of the journey to Washington continued quietly, and by the time they arrived both he and Natasha were drained, but at least now they wouldn't have to sleep in the car.

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