Reunited At Last

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I sat there with a red face. Had Linda really just asked that!?

(Y/n): w-w-what!?

Linda and Caroline began to chuckle to them selves as my face began to heat up more and more.

Caroline: well then, when are we gonna become grandparents then?

(Y/n): w-well...m-me and Bethany h-haven't been together t-that Long...

That was a blatant lie. I would never, ever, date Bethany however I didn't particularly enjoy the idea of dying here and now so I had to play along with it.

Linda: a few months is quite a while, I'm sure the two of you have...done stuff...already, right?

I swallowed my nerves before answering.

(Y/n): well, we showered together before you arrived here...

Linda suddenly gasped in happiness.

Linda: oh that reminds me of the first few days me and her father were dating!

Caroline: he was such a naughty boy back then though, luckily he's been good enough recently to come with us to meet you!

Linda: he's actually been fairly excited to come meet you! When we said he had the chance to come with, he started behaving really well!

Caroline: yeah! It's as though something inside him told him to be good just so he could come meet you!

The dad wanted to come meet me? Why me of all people? Maybe he was here to help me out after all!

Bethany: okay guys, dinner is ready now!

We got up and walked in to the kitchen where the table was set out with a bunch of cutlery and empty glasses.

Ryan: hey (Y/n), can you help Bethany hand the food out?

I nodded without saying a word and I walked into the kitchen to help Bethany. I'm surprised things were going so well actually. I haven't been threatened yet which is a good sign I suppose.

I walked past Bethany to the plates and I picked two up before turning around to see Bethany standing there with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face.

Bethany: so what did you talk about with them?

(Y/n): n-nothing much...just about w-when we'd m-Make them g-grandparents...

Bethany's smirk turned a happy smile as she quickly kissed me on the lips.

Bethany: I say we get down to that tonight, don't you agree?

I shook my head as blush began to settle in to my cheeks. I walked past Bethany and I suddenly received a slap to my ass.

I hastily walked out of the kitchen with the plates after that. I took them over to the table and I placed them down in front of Linda and Caroline.

Caroline: aww we have our own little servant again!

Linda: yeah cause the last one that we had tried to kill us

Ryan: what?

Caroline: oh yeah we never told you about that! We basically it started off when your father first came to the house! Speaking of which, would you mind going to fetch him for us Bethany?

Bethany stepped besides me and placed the other two plates down on the side in front of Ryan and one in front of my chair.

Bethany: certainly! I'll go get him now!

She skipped off happily towards the front door to get her dad.

I sat down in my chair as Caroline and Ryan began to chat.

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