Confrontation with the past

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Noise, lots of noise, someone talked around... Lots... Hitomi opened her eyes. Everything was white.

Still dizzy, she turned her head aside and saw her mother leaning to her, smiling.

"My sweetie, you're finally awake... I've been really worried about you!"
"Mom, it's you? Where I am?"
"At the hospital, you fainted at the university library. Fortunately, a young man was there and immediately called for help. The poor one was so panicked that first he was screaming in Russian or another strange language, the emergency doctors didn't understand anything!"
"Ha? Hitomi replied, trying to remember those moments, a hand on her forehead. A Russian ? It does not remind me anything, it's strange ..."
"Anyway, that's what happened, darling. Moreover, the assitante ambulance that came on site, Sachiko, one of my friends, said he was really handsome! Hitomi's mom added, amused, hiding a small embarrassed smile with her hand."
"How long have I lost consciousness?"
"About two hours. Sachiko called me immediately, seeing you there. So, I was already in the hospital when you arrived. I warned your father, he hasn't been able to see you yet, but he made sure that the staff take good care of you. All I hope is that your brother wouldn't have put the house upside down during my absence ..." She sighed.

Looking around, Hitomi was desperately trying to remember the events that preceded her fainting. '
But, nothing to do, the last image she saw was the library's clock indicating 5:15 pm.

After, nothing ...

Suddenly, the door opened. A man in surgeon's blue outfit appeared. Visibly panicked, he had difficulty holding a wad of leaves in his hand.

"Hitomi, how are you?"
"Calm down Shinichi, she has regained consciousness and she is coherent!" The mother of the young woman explained, getting up.
"Ha, fine!" The man blew as he slumped on a chair. "Sorry I wasn't able to come before because I was working on a heavy operation, I just left the surgery service."
"Don't worry Papa!" Hitomi said as she sat down in bed. I'm fine. "I was too tired. I was with Yukari during the afternoon and, you know her, she is'nt quiet!"
"Yes, but a day of frantic shopping in good weather is not supposed to make you sick, on the contrary! You should still be careful. I know that you study a lot and that you don't sleep almost: that's the real problem!"
"Papa, you are the first to know that this year is decisive and that ..."
"It's a fact, but you will not do anything good by exhausting yourself! I checked your analyzes when arriving in the service: overall, you're fine, but you still have some deficiencies. We'll have to take care of yourself girl!"
"I understood the message, Dad! I promise to eat well, to go to bed earlier and after the exams, I will enjoy the holidays in order to recover before starting the internship!"
"Good choice!" The surgeon nodded.

At ease, the man sighed before turning to his wife.

"Aya, you can take her home. I'm counting on you to make sure she's resting well! Me, I have to finish my guard ..."
"Okay, we're coming back. Hoping that Mamoru did not do anything stupid during my absence ..." Hitomi's mom said, wooried, as she collected her stuff.
"Don't worry!" Shinichi told her. "You know how is your son. Today, the weather was very hot for a month of July, so he had spending his time playing, sometimes getting up to go drink in the fridge! It's even possible that he fell asleep on the couch!"
"I cross my fingers hoping you're right! Alone, he isn't dangerous, but with his friends ... They can turn the living room into a battlefield ... Anyway ... Are you ready Hitomi?"

The young woman nodded, finishing getting dressed and putting on her shoes, pensively.
The feeling of having a blank in her day made her feel very uncomfortable.

For a few seconds she stopped in front of the window, looking at the university buildings that could be seen on the nearby hill.

For her part, her mother continued to hide her anguish behind small smiles, as the little joke about the young man who had helped her daughter.
For more than a decade, Hitomi's every concern had plunged her into a lot of stress, but she kept everything to herself ... which was sometimes difficult.

Hitomi shrugged in spite, wondering what had happened to her. Where did the strange cold which cross her at this moment come from?
She felt like having touched a ghost ...

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