Chapter 8:Take Pictures & Record It

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Third Persons POV

All if the couples were in their way back to the gym where the prom was held,thaey all wanted to know who won as Prom King and Queen

"Now let us announce the winner for the Prom King and Queen"Miras voice echoed throught the entire gym,which caught everyone's attention,some were squealing,some were shouting and some were jumping around

"As you all know you have to vote,and I'm sure most of you voted for yourself,now we counted all of the votes properly,and didn't miss a single one out,so,this year's Prom King and Queen is..."Mira stopped for an intense silence,everyone leaned in forward,ready to know who won

"Gray and Juvia!"Mira announced cheerfully,Juvia almost collapsed on the ground if Gray hadn't caught her

"Come up the stage lovebirds~"Mira teased,when Mira said that they were blushing bright red,they weal led up the stairs,hand in hand,then went beside the demon matchmaker,Mirajane Strauss.

"Juvia is so happy"Juvia said and Mira placed the crown on both if them,they smiled at each other,and squeezed their hands tighter.

After some time,there was a slow dance,and Gray and Juvia escaped and ran to the roof,they looked through the bars then smiled at each other

"This is when we became a couple right?"Gray asked

"Yeah"Juvia answered,with a sincere smile,they leaned in,closer and closer,their eyes slowly closing,then stopped when their noses touched,and Gray closed the gap immidietly.

They didn't know that a raging inf Mira was looking for them to slow dance,Mira reached the roof and was ready to slam the door open,but she saw the two kissing passionately,so she did what was logical.No,not leave.

Take Pictures.

And Record It.

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