Liar Liar

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It's a gut feeling that brings Luke to Michael's door that night. He doesn't expect Michael to let him in, it's too late and too dark and too quiet to work, but at least, even if Michael's too cold to want love, he'll know that Luke's there.

There's barely any sound from within, so as Luke knocks on the door just loudly to be heard, he holds his breath and waits with his heart by his throat.

Inside, Michael pauses with his hand on the bottle of pills, unscrewing them more quietly so Luke won't hear the rattling. He's thankful it's a full bottle, reaching in and drawing out a couple of pills with some difficulty and swallowing them dry, before putting the lid back on and putting them back into his drawer.

He walks over to the door, and pauses with his hand on the doorknob. His breathing is slow and deep in his chest, dragging him down with drugged stability. He's not ready for Luke to come and fuck him up, not ready for his heartbeat to speed up and to feel alive. But he's moving through a fog and all he can think of is the feeling of Luke in his arms, and then he can't think of sleeping without him.

He turns the knob and opens the door.

"Do you need something?" he asks fuzzily, wondering if Luke can see the film over his eyes.

In the dim light of the bedroom, there's nothing but a tinge of blue hair and pale skin visible, dilated pupils surrounded by transparent irises. Luke inhales sharply, tilting his head up slightly to get a good look at Michael's face. His shoulders are pulled forward, his eyes wandering and unfocused.

"No," Luke says, "do you?"

Michael starts off shaking his head, and ends up nodding. "Yeah. Yeah. C'mon." He takes Luke's arm and pulls him into the room, shutting the door after him. Luke doesn't argue, lets Michael flip off the lights and push him onto the bed with deliberate hands, settling Luke on his designated side of the bed with the utmost care. Luke props himself up slightly, watching Michael strip off his shirt and sigh.

"Michael?" Luke says, a little worried. It shows in his voice. Michael looks at him with big eyes, pausing.

"Yeah?" he says, blinking in the darkness.

"Are you high?"

"High?" Michael says, shaking his head. It feels like he's wading through quicksand, not euphoric. But he is drugged up, so there's not too much difference. Still, he doesn't feel like scaring Luke. "No. I don't do drugs."

"Okay," Luke says after a moment's pause. Michael crawls into bed next to him. "Are you...okay?"

"I'm fine, Luke. Go to sleep."

"Okay." Luke turns over on his side, and Michael drapes an arm over him as is custom. There's a long silence, the only sound their breathing. "Michael?"

Michael sighs. "What?"

"Can we talk?"

Michael groans, retracting his arm. Luke turns back over so he can face Michael, blinking wide-eyed in the dark, hand coming up by the pillow. "What do we need to talk about?"

"I don't know."

"Then shut up."

"I'm not sleepy."

Michael is more hazy than sleepy, but he caters to Luke's request. "Okay, fine. Let's talk."

Luke nods. "Can I ask you something?"


Luke thinks about it. "I shouldn't ask today."

"Well, you already brought it up."

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