Chapter 5 - The Deal

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Matt and Mark drove into a suburban neighborhood in Dallas. The address led them to a little white house. Matt thoughtfully looked at the house when he got out. It stood in the middle of a green yard and was surrounded by a white wooden fence.

Matt tucked his lips as he wondered, if truly, the woman in there was going to give him the answers he so desperately wanted. Mark locked the car doors and walked to the front door with Matt leading the way.

Matt rang the doorbell and took two steps back. The door opened and behold was a man. He had dark eye shadow that matched his black lipstick. One side of his head had long hair that flowed down to his waist whereas the other side was shaved. He flirtatiously pulled out his cherry lollipop from his mouth and winked at Mark with a seductive grin. Mark stepped back disgusted and averted his eyes.

"Please, do come in." the strange man purred. "Mama Pragya has been waiting for you." he gestured for them to go in with his finger.

Matt and Mark reluctantly followed him in. They observed that the inside of the house was average and normal looking. It had a cozy living room and warm dinning room. The strange man gestured to them to follow him up the stairs.

Mark stretched his eyes at Matt and motioned his chin to the strange man swaying his hips side to side in his long black dress. Matt only shrugged in response and faced ahead - not looking directly at the man. The four inch heels on the Gothic fellow's feet hit the wooden floor in a knocking rhythm. As he strutted, he hummed loudly to himself.

He stopped at the door and placed a finger to his mouth with a grin. With his eyes fixed on Mark, he turned the door knob. He slowly opened the door until it was wide enough for them to see a woman sitting at a table in a dimly lit room.

"Go in." the man said in almost a snicker.

Matt breathed in and made his way in. Mark followed him behind but almost let out a yelp when he felt his ass getting grabbed. The next thing he heard was the man chuckling as he closed the door. Mark clenched his jaw annoyed and met Matt's concerned eyes. He waved his hand dismissively at Matt and he took the hint.

"Come in, gentlemen." Mama Pragya said in a thick Hindi accent.

The light in the room looked greenish due to the closed green curtains. The smoky scent of incense filled the air and Mark coughed to it. There was only a round table and two chairs; one of which Mama Pragya sat on. Spread on the table was a white cloth and resting on it was a crystal ball. Matt pursed his lips and pulled the chair back. Mark chose to remain standing at the door.

Mama Pragya's golden bangles jingled as she put her hands together and smiled brightly at Matt. He noticed the gap between her teeth. Her head was covered by the maroon veil of her sari. Hanging on her ears were golden loop earrings.

"Namaste," she greeted, cheerfully.

Matt simply nodded his head at her greeting. Mama Pragya put her hands on the table and tilted her head in anticipation. Matt couldn't understand her actions but soon got the gist when Mark placed 100$ on the table. Mama Pragya grinned greedily and snatched the money. She shamelessly put it in her bra and adjusted it in place.

"I know why you are here." she began. "You want to find out the truth about your woman." her eyebrows waved up and down.

Matt's heart skipped a beat. "I was told that you have answers to my questions." he anxiously blurted out and licked his lips.

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