Interview With KissMyOops3

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1.) Name?

I'm Zoey Johnson

2.) Age?

18 years old!

3.) Favorite color?

Without a doubt purple. It's one sexy color.

4.) How did you discover Wattpad?

I was on a different creative writing website (, if you're familiar with it) and a lot of people were complaining about their stories getting stolen. They wrote that they were migrating to Wattpad. I decided to check it out. At first, I hated this website. I thought it was confusing and annoying. But after a month of absence, I went back on.

Now I'm happily married to Wattpad.

5.) What inspired your first book?

First ever? That's a good question. I'd honestly have to say the people on these Creative Writing sites. (: They were my inspiration. (I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm serious!)

6.) What are the names to all of your books?

My first book on Wattpad was called "War of the Sexes" followed by it's sequel "When The Roles Reverse". My first romance was "A Mistaken Kiss" with it's sequel, "A Tantalizing Kiss" after it. I then wrote "The Devil's Pawn" and co-wrote "Keeping His Secret" with kaycookie who deactivated her account (sadly) a few months ago. Then came my baby, "Superman Stole My Panties" who really got me to start writing plots. I'm currently in the process of writing it's sequel "Unraveling" and my latest science fiction novel "Coup D'etat"

7.) Which book did you/are you having the most fun writing? Why?

That's a REALLY good question. I think I liked writing "The Devil's Pawn" the most. I got to explore relationships more (it's a rated R book) than I ever have before. I'm not being perverted, but it's really cool being able to write that kind of material. I also had so much fun because Taylor (the main character) was the one character who mimics my personality the most. (Though, we do still have major differences). I got to pretty much make up my ideal bad-boy boyfriend and react how I normally would. It was interesting.

8.) Which character did you have the most fun writing? Why?

Trenton, the main character of "The Devil's Pawn", naturally. His personality was so much fun to create, and I think he was one of my favorites over all.

9.) How do you choose the names and personalities of your characters?

Names? They come randomly to me. Sometimes I look up names just to give myself a general idea of what to chose from because I don't like to repeat, but I have no specific process.  Honestly, that's how I'll name my kid. It'll pop out and I'll be like "Chase" or "Emily". I'm not going to pre-pick the name. :)

As for personalities, they come to me as I write. I don't pick the personalities. The characters do. Very cliche, I understand, but in all actuality, they are who they are.

10.) Favorite author on Wattpad?

Author on Wattpad... Hmm.. Honestly, I'm going to go with the one I will continually read. YuffieProductions. She's amazing. I don't get a chance to read many stories addictingly, but I always make time for her updates.

11.) Favorite story on Wattpad?

Naturally, my favorite story would be one of Yuffie's. It's Stray. It's... it's an interesting story, to say the least.

12.) What book(s) are you currently reading on Wattpad?


13.) Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Other than the fact that I love them to death? And that I wish I could hug all of you? But that might be creepy? Getting random hugs from strangers? Hahaha, no but seriously, if I could, I would send everyone a personalized letter saying how much they mean to me. And you know I would, because I've done similar things on Wattpad before. (I've updated 600 people within five days on the first posting of the sequel to Superman. Wattpad has a spam filter, so I had to come up with creative ones for each person. My fingers were on fire after that. )

14.) Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I love to talk to people. But please don't spam me. Ever. I'm not rude about it until you post on a story. Whether it be mine, or my arch enemy's, I will voice my opinion on that. I will seem like a complete jerk. But it's because I want you to respect the author.

Other than those rare occasions, I'm a very social person, and I absolutely love talking to people, so please, as this generation would say, HMU(;

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