Chapter 4 - Unbelievable Truths

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A deer delicately lowered its head to drink water from a stream. The air was silent and the sunshine was warm as expected of the autumn weather. Not so far away was an AK47 whose holder had an eye fixed on the deer.

The bearded man carefully studied its movements; waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. The deer slowly raised its head. The man's determined finger gently pressed on the trigger. It was only a matter of time before he could pull it and achieve his goal.

"Jerry, you need to see this fucking text your mom sent me!" a nasal female voice suddenly sounded.

The deer took off in fright while Jerry missed it with two of his bullets. He furiously took his hat off and glared at the middle aged woman who wasn't remorseful for having disturbed him. She just held out her phone to him with a cheeky look.

Jerry pointed at where the deer previously stood. "That, there, would have been our dinner Candace. I don't know how many times I am going to have to tell you to leave me alone every time I go hunting." his raspy voice was clear and thick of a Tennessee accent.

"You just tell your mom to mind her own business. I'm sick of her dictating shit in our lives." Candace said through her teeth.

"Go back to the camp. I have to see if I can track that de -" he paused when he saw her suddenly point her finger at something. "What?" he turned back.

"There's someone lying down over there." she answered and he narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, you are right." he saw the legs by a bush. "I'm going to have a look."

"I'm coming with you." she insisted but was rewarded with a blank look. "I'm coming with you Jerry."

"No use arguing with you. Come on; let's go but stay behind me." he gave in and she nodded her head.

Jerry positioned his gun forward and cautiously made his way to the person. His eyes searched for anything while his ears listened for new sounds. As he stealthily walked, he tuned out the sound of twigs and leaves crushing underneath their boots.

When they were finally close, Jerry held his hand up to Candace and she halted. He went to check on the person with his finger on the trigger. When he finally saw who the person was, he dropped his gun in disbelief.

"Oh my god." he coughed.

"What is it?" she answered and joined him. "Isn't that Muriel Cleveland?" she gasped.

"Call 911." he hastily told her; completely ignoring her question.

As Candace spoke to the 911 operator, Jerry looked at the horrific state of Muriel. Her throat was slit wide open. Clots of blood stuck out in the flesh while flies floated and sat on them. Blood stained the part of her face where her eyes used to be. Jerry cringed at the flies going in and out of her eye sockets. His ribcage stiffened and his stomach moved up. He coughed to keep himself from vomiting.

"They're on their way." he heard Candace say.

Jerry coughed two more times. "Good, let's wait for them over there." he pointed.


Matt sat alone in his hospital room. His nose was bandaged up with an ugly bruise around it. He had a drip connected to his arm. His wrapped head throbbed around his eye sockets. Due to the pain, he kept his eyes partially closed.

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