The New Beginning We Must Stop!! Chapter 2

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I was sitting on my window sill looking out with my tail slowly waving back and forth. The underwater world was light but was limited on how far I could see. I knew a storm was coming and from the report I just got only four others of our group has been found. Due to their describtions Ashton, Rea, Kendall, Onno, Drevan and Dreal were found but Mom and Dad were gone. After discovering that Ashton's Mom was with Newben along and it makes me wonder are their real intentions. Are they just more puppetiers that tug us puppets into traps that we thought were havens?


I turn to see Blake at my door way. His black hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and deep brown eyes that looked black. I found out that being born into a certain mass of salt or brachish water is like being borning in a country, the apperances are different. Since he was born in the Black Sea so he has dark eyes and hair but light skin since the water is darker there which prevents darking of the skin. Though there are some genetic inheritance. He got his blue tail from his mother's side and his tannish skin from his father which is how it usually works, kid's tail will be similar to its mother's and skin similar to father's. Unfortunatly he does not know his parents which is VERY rare since merpeople live so long.

His mother was hunted by English men wanting to prove her exsitance but sadly the moment she was dry she no longer had a tail. Not only that but she still had her breath taking beauty so when the king saw her he married her. The strange thing about merpeople is that the longer they stay on land the shorter their life will be. So his mother died at the 'younge' age of 91. His father was in the army at the time so when he heard news that his son was alone he told his officer the news. The officer let him go but the enemy did not know he was not done fighting and they attacked and severly injured him. Once the officer got word of this he did what he never wanted to do, he sent poison into the enemies home land killing everything.

Blake was 21 at the time which was like being 12 to humans so he had to still have parents but the king of Black Sea did not want him. Queen Oceana hearing this tragic story sent off looking for the merboy who would sit on outer wave rocks, which are simiply lone rocks. The moment she found him she took him in to be raised by him to her castle. From then on he has lived with them and has been loyal to the King and Queen even more than their birth children! Which at that thought made me think of a question that I was holding and waiting for whenever I got a chance to talk to him.

I snapped back to reality and held my head up meaning that he had my total focus. "Yes, Blake?"

He moved himself which allowed me to go out of my room and followed him while he spoke, "we are still searching for your two other companions but meanwhile we would like for you to reunite with your present companions. The little one is very scared she keeps hidding in a corner it makes me really sad because I am trying to make her feel better."

"It is fine. That is Rea most likely because she is a very shy person without me by her side in a totally new area and well underwater is for sure a new area. She alos doesn't like fish, more like is TERRIFIED by fish."

"Oh." Blake seemed to understand but felt bad, "sorry."

"It isn't your fault you had NO idea about that! You get this random kid so you can't be expected to understand her." We stopped talking when we arrived at the large gates that looked like HUGE coral with a giant shell in the middle and two mermen staying in the front. One had a green tail, brown skin and green eyes the other guard was also dark skinned but he had a pinkish tail and orange hair with blue eyes. Seeing us they looked at the big shell in the center of the two gates that kept the gates from being open. As if they eye power was so strong it made the shell turn and the gates were opened. "My friends are prisoners?"

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