Chapter Five

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Leah led me to a small corner in the very back of the resort. It's where our dumpster is.

"I live with keke!" She says pointing to a small teddy bear. I put my hand over my mouth. Oh my god. I clear my throat, getting down on the girls level.

" you not have any parents?" The little girls expression changes to sadness.

"Mommy and Daddy said they had to go. But they never came back.." Leah sniffles a bit. I pull her into my embrace. Shit what am I supposed to do?!

"Well Leah. How about this, you can stay with me till the end of the day. Then we'll figure it out from there!" Her face lights up and a smile spreads across her face. She nods and runs to the corner, picking up her teddy bear then coming back to me. I stand up, grabbing the girls hand and leading her back to my pool. I see Jacob doing tricks with Destiney as we arrive.

"Thank you Jacob!" I say as I start to get in. He smiles at me then gets out, going back to his pool. I watch as Leah sits on one of the steps, watching me.

The rest of the day goes well and fast. Leah sat patiently on the step and occasionally helped me.

"Ok Leah let's go!" She smiles and grabs my hand, so i lead her into the back where the locker room is. I quickly change into my original clothes, putting my damp hair into a bun. Oh my god i don't know what to do with this child. Not to mention i don't even know how to take care of one. Maybe i can go to Brad for help? He's always been great with children. I grab my stuff and turn back to where Leah is standing.

"Do you want to come back home with me tonight? Then we'll see on what do tomorrow."

"Yeah!" She excitedly says. I take her hand once more, sign out, then head to my car. Instead of going to my place, I head over to Brads. But not so surprisingly he's not the only one here. There's four other cars here.

"Ok sweeite we're going to pay a quick visit to my brother okay?" I said as i turned to look back at her. She nodded and i got out of the car, opening the door for her to get out. She grabbed her teddy bear before i closed the door, then took my hand as I led her to the door. I knocked three times, then waited a couple seconds when Matt answered. Why is he here.

"Hey sis!" He gave me a quick hug when he then looked at Leah who is now hugging my leg. His eyes went wide. He opened his mouth but I stopped him.

"The kids not mine." I giggled, he breathed out a sigh of relief. He then stepped to the side letting me enter. So Leah doesn't make me trip, i pick her up and put her on my hip. Walking into the livingroom, the first person I see is Neil. We lock eyes and smile. When i am able to tear my eyes away, I look around for Brad. Seeing him, i motion for him to come to me.

"Hey. What're you doing here?" He asked as he hugged me.

"And...who is this?" He asks suspiciously.

"This is Leah. And she's not mine. Look Brad I need you're help. When I was at work I saw her. She has no parents! She lived in the corner near the dumpster. What the hell am I supposed to do?!" I was starting to get a little stressed. Then I felt my heat beat hard, making me wince in pain, gripping my chest.

"Ok ok! Hey Brit just calm down. Look, stay the night tonight, all the guys are as well but in their own guest rooms, and I'll help you tomorrow. We'll see if she has any other relatives and maybe she wondered off to far from home." I blinked multiple times, nodding.

"I just need to borrow two shirts...for me and her." This time he nods, stroking my cheek and leads me to the livingroom. I sit between Matt and Neil, with Leah on my lap. The guys were all talking about different things while having a beer.

Later that night, all the guys went to bed and Matt went home. Brad brought me two of his shirts. A larger on for me, and probably the smallest one he could find for Leah. He then led me upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms. I helped Leah get dressed as the shirt hit the floor the second she put it on. I thought for a second. Oh i know what I can do! I slipped off my clothes and put on Brad's shirt that went a bit past my bum, then went downstairs. Going into the kitchen, i started searching through the drawers to find safety pins.

Five months later

The past few months have been amazing. Brad helped me set Leah up for adoption and until she got adopted a month ago by a super nice family, we were fostering her. Another reason why it's been amazing is and Neil have gotten a lot closer. And I think he might like me.

We are actually going out again tonight. Since it's cold as hell, we are actually going iceskating. But the bad thing is...I'm not very good at it. But thats not till awhile. Right now I'm having my best friend John come over. This is another way I make some money. I record on youtube and since I'm a pretty big hit I get paid for it. I heard a knock at the door, I went over to see John with a guitar around his neck. We smiled then hugged each other.

"Its been way too long!"

Brad POV

I saw Neil messing with some stuff for his drums. I walked over to him, pulling him aside from everyone and especially Matt who was here to help with some writing.

"Hey you're going to see Brit tonight right?" He nodded raising an eyebrow.

"Why are you whispering?"

"Because I don't want Matt to hear. Look whatever you do, don't tell him. He's so protective of her. They have a bond, no one can break. Not even I know what brought them so close." It was always true. When we were little Matt used to cling to Brit. If she got hurt he was right there.

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