14: Shadow's Mistake

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Mephiles stood, panting.

Shadow was furious. "So it was you the whole time! Why were you tormenting me in my own house?!"

"This, I feel, is fitting punishment for what you've done to me. You've caused me torment that will last for years."

Silver and Shadow were confused. "Mephiles, what are you talking about?" Silver asked.

"I haven't done anything to you." Shadow added.

"Is that so?" Mephiles asked, touching his hands to Silver and Shadow's foreheads.


Fleetway hugged Mephiles tight and rubbed circles on his back. "No Mephiles, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled. I'm just... My mind's going everywhere. I'm not mad at you." He took Mephiles's face in both hands, kissing his forehead before saying, "Now, come on. We'll find Scourge, then think of something. Everything will be okay."

Mephiles nodded, and Fleetway helped him stand. Just as they were about to look for Scourge,


Something collided hard with Fleetway's head, knocking him unconscious.

"Fleetway! Oh goodness!" Mephiles immediately went to his side, unsure of what had happened. Suddenly, he couldn't move.

"Grab them. We'll send away the yellow one," A voice behind him said.

Mephiles felt a hand grab him by the quills, a similar grabbed Fleetway's. The hand turned Mephiles, and they were face to face.

Mephiles saw... his twin?

It didn't take long for Mephiles to recognize this hedgehog from his time in the Organization. The man that was ordering the look-alike was round-bellied, had blue glasses, and a bushy brown mustache.

"Ready the portal," the red-striped hedgehog said.

A large glowing opening appeared beside them. Without a second glance, the red-striped hedgehog threw Fleetway to the portal.

Mephiles tried to scream for Fleetway, but he could not speak or move.

"Shadow," the round man called, "you know what to do."

The hedgehog, apparently named Shadow, looked to Mephiles and took out something shiny. Before Mephiles could get a good look at what the object was, it was being forced into his chest. It was as if he and the object were to be merged together.

Suddenly, Mephiles was absorbed by the object.

~Flashback Over~

Mephiles removed his hands.

"Well, do you remember now, Shadow? That night, you took the very last person I considered family away. I don't know what's become of him, I don't know where he is, I don't even know if he's alive and it's all because of you."

"No, I still don't remember. And I'm half certain that whatever you showed us wasn't real."

Silver spoke up. "Wait a minute. Mephiles, you saw someone besides Shadow that night. Do you know who that was?"

"He looked familiar, but no. If I ever find him, I want to question then kill him."

Shadow turned to Silver. "Wasn't that Dr. Eggman?"

Silver nodded. "Think about it. Mephiles didn't know who that was, so they can't be working together. And knowing Eggman, he could've been using you. There's a chance he somehow made you forget whatever happened."

"Where exactly are you going with this?" Mephiles asked.

"What we need to do now is find a way to talk to Eggman and get him to explain what really happened. And we don't know how his mind works. The one that knows him best is Sonic, so we should ask him for help."

"Have you lost your mind?" Shadow asked Silver. "Are you really suggesting we bring Mephiles to Sonic? What if Mephiles kills him again?"

Mephiles chimed in, "I don't care about Sonic, anymore. I only wanted to get rid of him before because I knew he could stop my plans for world domination. And world domination feels pointless right now."

Silver spoke up, "Along with that, Sonic might be able to help Mephiles find the guy in the flashback."

Quietly, he added to Shadow, "And then, Mephiles might leave you alone."

Shadow thought. Then he turned to Mephiles, "Alright, Mephiles. If we agree to help you find information about your friend, you have to agree to leaving me..."

Shadow glanced at Silver. "...me and Silver alone."

"Fine. If you two are inefficient, I will continue as I please."

"It's a deal." Shadow put out his hand, and Mephiles shook it.

"Wait, hold on, if we can't help him, he can bother me? Is that what he meant?" Silver worriedly asked.

"Not to worry, Silver," Mephiles responded. "It's Shadow I'm upset with. You did nothing wrong. In fact, I've been hoping to encounter you to apologize. I shouldn't have tried to fool you into killing Sonic. I sincerely feel guilt for trying to use you, and I am sorry. Now, how do we get to Sonic from here?"

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