Another Interest Part 45

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Rene's POV...

I was back home the day after Judy went through everything about the center with me and had a staff meeting with most of the employees we now have. Carol was happy enough to see me and we even had dinner together out that night since I decided to stay over for a few days instead of heading back home straight away.

Carol has turned out to be a good assistant to Judy and fills in as a manager when Judy gets called out of the office. And once I mentioned that I might stay a couple of extra days, she, Judy that is, mentioned that it would be  good time to call the staff and meet up with them and get their input as to how work is going for them. Do they have any gripes or concerns about the job?That sort of thing.

It was not until the following morning that they actually all found out that I was going to be a part of the meeting and were a bit excited when I walked in to the conference room. Most of the clients had been warned of the meeting and didn't mind the small break in routine. But the staff would be back on the job after an hour or so.

It was only those critical cases that had to be kept up with. And even then, those ones are also here with us enjoying something different they would not normally get to experience. A cup of tea with management. Which included me.

Anyway, the meeting was for the staff to get to meet me who had not had the opportunity before as well as some of the clients who couldn't thank me enough for all the help our branch has provided since it opened. Some of which were at their wits end. Which I knew how that felt.

What I did find a surprise was that the young kids who did the school report, Dale and Courtney, were also here and popped in. After they did that report, they, along with several other students with them, all approached Judy to ask about work experience since they had decided to seek a career in disability in the future.

When Judy called me about it, I was so overjoyed that the experience we had with the kids coming to interview us had such a positive effect on everyone who was involved and then some. So, I had a lot of time for any of the younger ones in the community that sought to know more about what we do.

It gave me an idea that I had to speak with Lucy about.

Why not make it a point to travel around through the school system and educate the students about how important a caring and supporting role is in the community. I would be more than willing to share my own experience about  when and how I started out. I might not have gotten my degrees straight away because of raising my babies. But I didn't give up. I persevered and continued on and look where I am today?

I would like to think that my example could be a good one for those who find themselves in a similar position as I was in with limited resources and help.

When I eventually arrived home, low and behold, there was a visitor waiting for me.

And no, it was not Oliver. I don't know why it is that every time I see someone else's vehicle parked out the front, I automatically think it might be him. But it never is. I don't know why I ever think he might come to his senses and want to know something about his child. But I guess he doesn't give a shit since he had Darlene's.

I was so done with that family. Both of them.

I did laugh about it later when I thought about something odd about the whole situation. It had to do with those two families. Doug and Oliver were cousins. That meant that not only were my babies going to be siblings, but they were also going to be cousins as well.

I thought we were all idiots with the way we all laughed over thinking the complications this could cause. But what the hell? It was no ones business but our own anyway.

One thing I did notice was Old Mrs Dean. I got word from one of our girls that she had a bit of an accident at home and will need added help. More than her grandson can provide for her, especially with him being at work most of the time.

Andrew, Officer Dean, had become more familiar with our processes where caring for those who lived at home were concerned and had come into the office and asked for what help might be available for his grandmothers care while he was at work.

I was there int he office when he came in the first time and after Elliana called me that he was there without an appointment, I asked her to bring him in t my office. This all happened about a week and a half after I came back from Kerrville that last time.

I was feeling somewhat combersome a fair bit with the huge girth I now have. I was even feeling pressure both in my lower back and lower stomach now and I can tell that I won't be too far away from giving birth.

" Hello Andrew. It's nice to see you again. Under better circumstances too I think." I smiled as I struggled to rech out to shake the mans hand. he was still wearing his uniform so I would imagine that he took time out of his work load to come along for this visit.

" How is your grandmother?" I asked him with a smile as I waved him to a chair.

" Much better now that she isn't trying to do all that heavy lifting." He said to me with a nervous smile.

I think I heard his stomach growl just hen and looking at my clock, I saw it was just about lunch time.

" I know that time is tight for you. But can we have this chat while having lunch? I'm starving and as you can tell, I am not eating for one." I smiled a little nervously back across the desk at him.

" Umm. Sure. I can go.." I waved him to stop talking and pulled up my phone.

" Elliana, can you get us some lunch brought in, please? Yes, I know that it is not part of your job description. Yes, I will consider giving you a raise. Yes, I will consider letting you sign off an hour earlier every Friday." I listened as she tried to deamnd that I give her more concessions.

" I'm hungry." Was all I said to her before hanging up on her mid sentence. She knows how I am when I am hungry. I get cranky and any of those concessions she was demanding will all get tossed right out if I don't get fed soon and she knows it.

While waiting, I climbed to my swollen feet and waddled my way across the room to the small kitchenette in the corner with a kettle and a fridge where I made us both a cup of tea. I was surprised when Andrew said that was what he drank.

" Mainly because my grandmother only drinks tea and not coffee anyway." He said when I carried the mug back across to him.

He did try to get up and help me, but I glared him into staying put.

Anyway, it was over lunch that he wanted to know what services there were that I can help his Gran with while he was not around.

" Most of these services are usually provided for those who are either aged or disabled who usually live alone or have minimal family who do not live close by. You actually live with your grandmother which would more or less negate any further assistance. But.." I had to hold my hand up to stop him interrupting me until I finished.

" But, because you are in law enforcement, that makes your case an exception since you could in effect be called out at any time during the day or night because of your job. So, I am sure we can do something for you and your grandmother." I ended up telling him around a slice of pizza while smiling as well.

I didn't know until after that meeting, that I actually came to like Andrew. He has always been a good influence for the kids around town and always helpful to those who are older. I also didn't know just how crucial his attention was.

Not until there was this storm that hit us and I got caught out in it.

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