No Excuses Part 43

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8th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I stood there not inviting the moron into my home with my arms crossed over my bosom which was growing larger  and that he couldn't help looking at and I tapped my foot while I waited for him to start speaking since he was not going to be going away any time soon by the look of it.

" The place sure has changed since the last time I was here." Doug said as he looked around. Then he surprised me by turning on his heel and walking through the place exploring it.

" Hey." I called out to him beginning to follow him through the house.

" Wow. This place is amazing now that it has been opened up." He said as he stood there looking around the large family room at the back of the house.

" What do you want Doug? It's getting late and I am tired." I said to him feeling really weary on it. I don't even particularly like to have him or anyone else in his family here.

" I'm sure you are." He said turning to look at the baby bump protruding out from my stomach which was now clearly defined even under the loose t-shirt I was wearing. He had this speculative look about him when he looked at me.

" How about a coffee." I turned my nose up when he asked for that. 

" Dick." I muttered. I just stood there looking at the fool who decided to invade my home. He won't be looking so smug when my grandfather finally gets home, which should be very soon.

It also wasn't any wonder when I started to go off coffee a few months after that barn incident. It was when I started to lose my breakfast every single morning that it all clicked and I realized I might be pregnant.

I just turned and made my way to the rear entrance of the kitchen he didn't see under the stairs he also didn't see when he was looking around.

" Wow. Rear stairs too. It really has changed since the last time I was here. What was this part when I visited years ago?" he asked as she started to follow me.

" The shitter." I bluntly said to him which stopped him in his tracks momentarily with him looking down at his feet.

" The house has surely grown over time then, hasn't it?" He mumbled after he started following me again.

" That would put this area here as the outdoor laundry and wash room." He added as he stopped and looked around the very large and spacious kitchen he has not seen before.

" Yes." Was all I said to him before filling the electric kettle and switching it on.

I grabbed some mugs and started making his coffee and myself a tea while he continued to look around. He opened the door to the utility room and whistled.

" That is some set up you have in here." He said before shutting the door again. 

I still said nothing to him. I didn't think there was a need to just yet. He is the father of my sons. So, I will let them handle him if he is still here when they come home. The boys are enjoying their free time while waiting on the replies to the applications for entrance into the colleges both here and in Denver. 

They know that they will be getting in. They just want to know which classes since they are ahead of some of the juniors that have already started their studies.

Once the coffee was made, I slid the mug along the bench away from me and stepped back to sip my tea after blowing it a little.

" Three years ago, we were all over in Las Vegas. We had all had a hard year with the business. But we made it. So, we all decided to let loose. It was not the brightest of ideas. But it happened." He started to speak which only annoyed me. 

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