School Report Part 42

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8th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

The reporter was actually a school student who was offered an essay as a reporter who had been assigned the essay on reporting a news worthy article for class. Then to present it with articles and slides.

After Lucy was able to calm me down, go get some makeup for me  to fix my face and a cup of tea, I was then able to get control of myself enough to continue dealing with the opening. Of course, Oliver and my sister were not to be seen anywhere and Deb was still here anxiously standing around looking for someone. Probably me. But I think she might find it safer to stay the fuck away as well.

The crowd had somewhat thinned out now but there was still hundreds of people walking in and out that had been invited and wanted to check out the place thoroughly before leaving.

Anyway, I found the two kids who were being watched over by Mick and spoke to them. They really were just kids. Then I offered them a tour for their article with full photo coverage and had Lucy assist me with that. We even had Mick take a photo of me and Lucy with the two fifteen year old kids who were dressed in their school uniforms for the interviews in various areas of our new premises.

I am sure that went down well after we found out that the kids decided to come down for the opening and checked out of school to do it all without having the authority to do so. So, later on, Lucy and I drove them back to the school  personally to make sure that what they did would not go onto their record against them.

I still see the look on the secretaries face as we walked in and asked for the principal. She was mumbling and uttering jibberish so much that the Principal ended up coming out to see what the problem was. By the end of that little surprise visit, the kids and myself were invited to give a presentation to the school on who we  are and what we do.

If there is one thing we try to encourage is that our younger ones, some of which are already caring for adults, also need to know what is available to help them if and when they find themselves in the position of having to care for someone close to them. That happened in the second week after we had our opening.

During all that time, I had Carol deal with Deb when she came around while I was organizing Jude to transfer across to manage the place. That was when I was there. I didn't hear a word from Oliver at all. Not one word. He was no longer Ollie any more. Not to me. He can be Oliver from now on. The cheating adulterous bastard. 

If only I had known the truth long before it got to this point. It was the barn that did us both in. Neither of us thought of protection, darn it.

After giving the presentation to the school with the kids for that essay, which got them top marks for by the way, I packed up a day after Jude arrived, introduced her to Netty and Carol and then went home all without seeing Deb or and of the others. Not that they didn't try to see me. But I was done with the lot of them.

What really hurt was that Randi also knew that her brother was married and she did really try to explain something about the situation. But it was too late. She knew that her brother and I had gotten close and she didn't say anything. I was done with it. Done with all of them. 

Sadly, Xavier backed off from Randi in support of me when he found out. And to be really honest about their situation, I did not  think that was really fair to Randi. But nothing I said would persuade Xavier otherwise. He was hurt on my behalf and he admitted to me later that he felt sort of betrayed that Randi didn't tell him anything about the situation.

We all left early one morning on a flight back to Denver to get a car back home. I was so very tired.

I had not told my grandparents anything of which happened. But one look at my tired face and that of the boys, they knew something had happened.

" I'm going to my room." I said when I walked in through the door after greeting them. I just continued walking passed them up the stairs leaving the boys to speak to their grandparent.

" He was what?"

" The hell she did."

" That bitch."

" I ought to..."

Those were what I heard being yelled up the stairs where I could hear them from my room that Pa was yelling. It sounded as if he was outraged on my behalf by the sound of it. I couldn't help but smile at one point thinking of how protective he was. Or that he still is.

I was laying on my bed curled up on my side when I felt the bed dip behind me and an hand softly rest on my shoulder.

" Dear. Is there anything I can do?" Grandma asked me. I wiped my tears away again for the upteenth time and slowly turned over to look at my grandmother.

" I don't think there is anything that anyone can do. I was an idiot for thinking that we had any kind of future together. And his parents knew about it and didn't say anything. Not one single word about him being married. Men are just not worth it, Grandma. They really aren't." I said with a quivering lip as I looked at her.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her and started crying again. The pain in my chest was horrible to feel. It was worse this time than it was with Doug when I thought he died.

" How am I going to survive this time, Grandma? What am I going to do?" I whispered as she sat there rocking me slightly against her.

Gran would always do this when i was hurt and upset. Most of the time after i had the boys, it was because of Darlene when she found out that Sybil was not the oldest of our fathers children. I never told my grandparents very much about it and I tried to ignore her most of the time. 

But when she started sending me photo's of her and Sybil enjoying all those father daughter dates and things they did and I didn't. It hurt. It really did. I still have all those things packed away that she sent to me. All those letters from the 'penfriend' that Gran thought she was. But not once, I told anyone what she was really like.

Until Bryce. That was when she crossed the line and hurt my boy. I am so glad that he was not too aware of who she was at first. But how she knew of the excursion away from home he was on I have no idea. But it only made me think that she somehow knew things about us because she must have had someone down here watching us. Someone she knew who would report to her.

Why, I have no idea. I really don't.

I stayed in my room for the rest of the day sleeping on and off. The boys along with Pa all went out to the shed and pulled out the cribs I used for the boys when they were babies and the cots. Since the boys and the baby's fathers were related, they were not taking any chances on there not being another multiple birth coming along.

Over the following days with me running the office and checking in with Jude who had some interesting stories to tell, I came home each day to see that the boys had managed to shuffle my room around and the large walk in robe, which I only half used, was getting a face lift with a nursery being added to it.

The robe  which ran down one whole side of one wall was being divided in two with one side being just for my use and the other side was being divided into shelves and drawers with small hanging spaces for all the babies things that will be needed. Opposite that wall were the large windows where there were going to be two cots down along the walls. 

That will be when they, if I have two of them, will want to sleep in separate beds. I know for a fact that twins like being together for quite some time after being born. They need each other even after being born for some time.

But, I am hoping that it is just the one baby this time. I was so tired run off my feet the last time even if I was younger and had more energy. This time I am considered a mature age mother in my thirties now even though some women are having their first babies at my age.

I was home alone enjoying a quiet evening with everyone else out on their respective dates when I heard a large knocking at the door. The last time I heard this kind of knocking, it was with regards to Randi getting assaulted and his parents came calling. I hadn't thought of those Taylor's in years.

Pulling the door opened, I was surprised to see who was standing there. Right before I was going to be slamming the door and telling him to eff off he stepped right quickly through the door into the hall.

" What do you want?" I glared at him. I think he saw how much I didn't like him at the moment. But it didn't stop this determined look coming over his face.

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