Being Done Part 41

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For those who have been waiting... Here it is.

8th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I couldn't quite see who it was that Deb was talking to.  I was just focused on getting to Ollie. Which was not easy since there were still enough people here to make it harder when they wanted me to stop for a quiet word or two. Which I did. With a smile. Then I started moving again watching the direction Ollie was taking. With a smile.

Finally, I was there and coming up behind him with him just ten or so feet away.

" Rene, can I have a minute please?" Carol suddenly called out which distracted me. Damn it. I just need a few spare minutes. Just a few little minutes when she reached out and grabbed me.

I turned to look at Carol with a smile on my face. Always keep the smile on your face regardless of how much you might want to rip someone's arm off. We all feel like that sometimes, it's true. But I resisted.

" What's up?" I asked her with a sigh. While still smiling. My cheeks feel like they are going to crack with all this smiling.

I looked back at Ollie to see him disappear into the crowd again. I sighed.  I really hope that I can manage to get to have a talk with him soon. It was really ridiculous with how I have not managed to get home of him and nail him down for a chat.

" There is a reporter here who wants to do an interview and take some photo's as well." She said to me which surprised me. And made me lose the smile.

I thought the only reporter we had here was the one that Lucy brought with her. I looked around the room for her to make sure that this was not some uninvited person looking to cause trouble. It wouldn't be the first time it happened.

" Can you go look for Lucy and ask her if she knows anything about it. If not, come back and find me. I have something to do." I said to her making a decision to have her look into it.

" Sure thing." She said with a smile and walked off. I was really glad that I offered Carol a job when I saw her coming for a job interview. The person she had been caring for had passed on after that first time I met her and she had been looking for something in the support worker role that she thought would suit her ever since. She found it that day when we started taking applications.

I found out later that she was having a legal issue about the person with care at the time that some of her family were causing. But it all settled all in Carol's favor. I haven't regretted it since with the hiring of her on the spot that day. She has been invaluable to me ever since.

 I looked around and saw Mick was still here and motioned to him to come to me. He is another man who I have come to trust where my business was concerned. 

I moved us both against one of the walls and told him about the reporter who is unknown to me at this point and could he watch out to make sure there was no further problems. He was on it like a dog on a bone.

Then I started looking for that dratted man again. You know which one, Ollie. I found him down the back of the center not far from the rear doors. This time, I was going to corner the man whether he likes it or not. I have had enough of him avoiding me like he has since the bloody barn incident.

Once more, I walked up to the Winton family with a smile finally reaching them this time. I was so glad that I get on well with them all.

" Hello. I see that everyone is having a good time." I smiled as I called their attention to me. Which was not as I expected since none of them were smiling for some reason. I wondered what had happened.

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